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About The Show

A woman is impaled on an iron spike; a man spears his friend on a fishing trip; and an elderly gardener’s shears are lodged in his eye. Can doctors help?


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Episode 1

Don't Pull It Out

A woman is impaled on an iron spike and a man spears his friend on a fishing trip. Plus, an elderly gardener's shears are lodged in his eye. Can doctors...

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Episode 2

Danger Outside

A man is impaled on a fence post, a farmer has an object lodged in his brain and a woman is skewered on a hooked pole when she feeds the...

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Unwanted Guests

A woman gets a branch imbedded in her neck, a boy almost chokes on a fishing barb and a man is filled with enough air to fill 1000 balloons. How...

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Lethal Pursuits

A look at sporting heroes and heroines whose encounters with body invaders have led to near fatal experiences. Who said exercise was good for you?

Coming Soon

Episode 5

The Enemy Within

Meets five people with five different unexplained objects inside them including a young girl who has swallowed a mysterious object which is tearing her guts apart.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Great and Small

Follows the journeys of the fence pole embedded in an American trucker's midriff to the sewing needle which an elderly man accidentally eats as part of his dinner.