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We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Deadliest Catch - Season 6

On the Northwestern, the exhausted crew struggles to keep up with Captain Sig's maniacal pace - and deckhand, Jake Anderson, pays the price in blood.


Glory Days

Deadliest Catch - Season 6

A distress call is issued when a man on a vessel suffers a heart attack and the coastguard attempts a dramatic rescue in huge seas, with low fuel and low...


Episode 4

Wheeler Dealers - Season 17

Car dealer Mike Brewer is back in the UK! Along with ace mechanic Marc 'Elvis' Priestley, he's on a mission to find and restore iconic cars to sell for a...


The Darkened Sea

Deadliest Catch - Season 6

The Time Bandit and Cornelia Marie are hauling in huge crab numbers. But Captain Phil's good mood is severely dented when his son reveals a terrible secret.


Blown Off Course

Deadliest Catch - Season 6

Crisis hits the Cornelia Marie as the skipper becomes ill. While on the Northwestern, Jake Anderson learns disturbing details about his father's disappearance.


Episode 4

How It's Made - Season 15

Follow the amazing manufacturing processes behind flight simulators, traditional bookbinding, greenhouse tomatoes and hurricane-proof shutters.


Mini Moke

Wheeler Dealers - Season 8

Designed as an off-road army car the Mini Moke soon became a civilian cult classic, so this should be a winner. But can the lads agree on anything and get...


Winter's Gambit

Deadliest Catch - Season 17

An Arctic storm blasts the fleet as Sig ventures to waters he hasn't fished in 17 years. The Time Bandit steers into 30-foot waves in a risky run toward Russia.


Yurts So Good

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

Chris and Catelyn Williams are building a luxury yurt with mountain views and modern amenities in Montana. Features include solar power, kitchen and hot running water.


Defend the Frontier

Edge of Alaska - Season 1

The hidden city inside the mountain is within reach, but exploration means convincing locals for help. It's 40 below and the trailblazing ranchers are in danger.


Busting at the Sema

Diesel Brothers - Season 1

Last year the Dieselsellerz unveiled their majestic MegaRam at the SEMA trade show in Vegas. Now they're racing to finish a six-wheel drive F550 before the show.


Triumph TR6

Wheeler Dealers - Season 9

Mike tracks down a Triumph TR6 two-seater sports car; can Ed make it roadworthy without blowing their budget? Plus, Ed tests the latest water coolant technology.


Build a Jeep, Crush a Car

Junkyard Empire - Season 2

Andy's drive to grow his business pushes him to take on more work than he can handle. With problems mounting, he leans on his team of seasoned techs.


The Fifty Ounce Test

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine - Season 3

With Dave at home for his father's memorial, the team makes a promise to strike big in his honour. Jason must think outside the box to find new gold.


Gold Vault Gamble

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine - Season 3

Jason takes a huge gamble by opening a new cut. But, when the team is overwhelmed by mishaps, Dave returns to find the team in disarray.


Gulf Oil Platform

Richard Hammond's Big - Season 1

Richard takes a helicopter ride out to one of the most remote places on earth: the Appomattox production platform in the Gulf of Mexico.


Wisconsin Washout

Homestead Rescue - Season 2

The homestead of musician Lou and partner Stacey is threatened by water erosion and at serious risk from a torrential rainstorm. The Raneys come to the rescue.


Jess's Dream VW Golf GTi

Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car - Season 1

Mike Brewer and Marc 'Elvis' Priestley trade up to a VW Golf GTi for teaching assistant Jess. And the guys transform an old Fiat Doblo into a micro camper.



United Kingdom of Misfits

Misfit Garage - Season 3

Thomas gets his hands dirty when he finds a '61 Morris Minor hidden in a pile of dirt. The team put some American swagger into the vintage British car.


Episode 2

Outback Truckers - Season 6

Brother and sister team Robbie and Ashleigh hit house removal hell on a mud-bogged mission out of Brisbane. Nick and Jo battle storms in remote Western Australia.


The Supernova

Kindig Customs - Season 4

16 years in the making, Kindig It Design finally finishes the '67 Nova. With a fairly standard exterior, will its over 2,000HP be powerful enough for the client?


Episode 3

Wheeler Dealers - Season 17

Mike and Elvis take on the 'baby Ferrari' but want to keep their costs low. Can the guys make this old school classic car a rival to its Italian cousin?


Shuckin' Dragster

Monster Garage - Season 1

Jesse attempts to transform a 1994 Case International farm combine into a drag racing machine. They only have five days to pull off this daring project.



Combat Dealers - Season 4

Bruce hears about some second world war British airborne division gear from the battle of Arnhem for sale, which is of big interest to ex-paratroopers like him and Freddie.