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Inspired by his late grandfather, Parker Schnabel undergoes the ultimate test to see if he can match his forefathers who tried to make it rich on the Klondike Gold Rush Trail.


Episode 1

Outback Gold

As the Yukon freezes, Parker Schnabel sets his sights on buying a gold-rich claim in Australia with his team and the help of Aussie prospector, Tyler Mahoney.

Episode 1

Welcome Stranger

Tempted by the largest nuggets he's seen, Parker ventures deep into an underground mine. And, a local miner lets the team test a potentially lucrative claim.

Episode 2

Tyler's Trial

In the Palmer Goldfields, the team encounter a lucrative family-run mining operation and discover dirt far richer than anything they've ever seen in the Yukon!

Episode 3

Trial By Fire

Parker tests virgin ground on the Fitzgerald claim and makes a big discovery, but he must gain the trust of the family if he wants to strike a deal.

Episode 4

Hell's Crack

In an area known to locals as "Hell's Crack," Parker and his team navigate a dangerous river, battle extreme heat and fight machine breakdowns to prospect rich ground.

Episode 5

The Honey Pot

Hunting for a big payday in Tyler's hometown, the team encounters a dangerous new method for extracting gold and Parker must decide if the risk is worth the reward.

Episode 6

Aussie Mega Machine

Parker gambles on dry-mining kit to test the gold-rich ground of Western Australia. A case of gold fever proves costly, and Parker nearly loses a team member.

Episode 7

Hard Rock Risk

Tyler leads Parker to a promising hard rock mine. They detonate high explosives to gauge if the rewards of underground mining justify the risks.

Episode 8

Future Ground

Parker travels deep into Australia's "Super Pit" gold mine. He stakes a new claim and makes a big decision that could change his mining career.

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