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30th July


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Inspired by his late grandfather, Parker Schnabel undergoes the ultimate test to see if he can match his forefathers who tried to make it rich on the Klondike Gold Rush Trail.


Jul 26



Episode 8

The Goldilocks Claim

Parker finds a gold mining utopia at the end of a six-week trek through the wilds of Brazil. But can he strike a deal in the three days he has...

Jul 30



Episode 2

Brazilian Gold

Gold mining prodigy Parker Schnabel's latest adventure sees him chase down mining leads in the wilderness of an exotic location, far from the Yukon.

Episode 1

The Ground That Got Away

Parker uncovers lost footage from seven years of prospecting remote areas around the world and reveals the best ground he's ever found.

Episode 1

River Of Never-Ending Gold

Parker travels the gold-filled Madeira River deep into the Brazilian wilderness. He hunts for a fleet of dredges bringing in billions in gold.

Episode 2

The Floating Gold City

Parker Schnabel heads deep into the jungles of Guyana, South America, to chase a 21st-century gold rush. There he learns ingenious local techniques.

Episode 3

Bull's Blood

Parker prospects in Serra Pelada, the site of Brazil's biggest gold rush. It's produced five billion dollars' worth of gold and is rumoured to hold trillions more.

Episode 4

Motherlode M.I.A.

Parker decodes the mystery of where a billion-dollar motherlode went. Some say it was mined out, while others believe it's still buried underground.

Episode 5

Billion Dollar Deal

Parker discovers a potential $1.5 billion payday in Serra Pelada, but first, he needs to strike a deal with the local owners.

Episode 6

Hard Rock Holy Grail

Parker comes face-to-face with a pack of wild jaguars. Then, at the Brazilian hard rock mecca of Pocone, he discovers a game-changing type of mining.

Episode 7

Miners Paradise

Parker discovers ground in Peixoto much richer than anything he's mined in the Yukon and considers dropping $1 million to get in on the action.

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