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Inspired by his late grandfather, Parker Schnabel undergoes the ultimate test to see if he can match his forefathers who tried to make it rich on the Klondike Gold Rush Trail.


Episode 1

Mucho Oro

Parker and his team travel to South America in search of a claim to mine with $100 million dollars in gold. They follow an Incan trail deep into the Peruvian...

Episode 1

Road To Gold

From Alaska's Chilkoot Trail to Australia's nugget-filled Outback, Parker risks his life searching for gold-rich ground and innovative mining techniques.

Episode 2

Mother Of God

Parker discovers the rich grounds of Madre de Dios. The team heads deep into the jungle with a local tribe to prospect for virgin ground.

Episode 2

Episode 2

Gold mining prodigy Parker Schnabel chases down mining leads in the lawless jungles and mountains of Peru and Bolivia in his wildest ride yet.

Episode 3

Devil's Paradise

Parker prospects La Rinconada mountain, the highest gold mine on earth. Parker makes a big discovery, but a sudden illness threatens to end the trip early.

Episode 4

Bolivia Or Bust

Parker follows the gold into Bolivia where he hopes to tap into its $2.5 billion gold industry. And the crew get a lead on a placer operation.

Episode 5

Gold Monsters

Parker uncovers a fleet of monster 110-ton excavators scooping paydirt from the riverbed deep in the Bolivian jungle. But disaster strikes when he gets to the gold.

Episode 6

Bonanza Creek Bounty

Parker storms into Bolivia's gold belt to prospect virgin ground that could hold two million ounces of gold - right where Butch Cassidy once roamed.

Episode 7

The Dark Horse

Parker goes all-in and starts mining the 400-acre Bonanza Creek claim. But a chance encounter with neighbouring miners could offer him something even better.

Episode 8

There's Gold Everywhere

Parker strikes gold in Bolivia at a location that could be the next Klondike. With time running out on his prospect, Parker faces a big decision.

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