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Inspired by his late grandfather, Parker Schnabel undergoes the ultimate test to see if he can match his forefathers who tried to make it rich on the Klondike Gold Rush Trail.


Episode 1

Big Nug Country

Parker travels Australia's legendary gold fields searching for a new claim. There, he uncovers the largest nuggets he's ever seen.

Episode 1

Parker's $5-Million Bet

Parker begins booting up his new gold mining operation in Alaska. When he can't find a wash plant, he travels to New Zealand for new kit - and big gold.

Episode 2

The Secret Sluice

Parker and team track down a legendary miner on the gold-rich west coast of New Zealand. Parker is blown away by what he finds in the sluice.

Episode 2

Kiwi Confessions

Parker and crew reveal why the Kiwis hide their gold. Plus, they share their hangover cure and recall just how close one of them came to death.

Episode 3

Floating Gold

Parker sizes up a high-tech gold-catching machine capable of floating on water. Plus, a sudden storm threatens to trap the team on a New Zealand glacier.

Episode 4

Parker's Prospect

Parker jumps at an unexpected offer for a new claim. Plus, he prospects Matt Dove's virgin ground in New Zealand's gold-rich Southern Alps.

Episode 5

Gold Mining Paradise

Parker investigates a bucket dredge that's banked over $700 million and discovers paradise: a gold-rich claim with every type of plant needed to strike it rich.

Episode 6

Gut Check

Parker pivots to test a shaker deck. However, his inability to pull the trigger leads him to question the viability of his new Alaska operation.

Episode 7

Leap Of Faith

Parker considers a major pivot: building his own custom plant for the Alaska claim. Tyler and Jeff prospect for gold nuggets in New Zealand's richest river.

Episode 8

Sharks And Gold

Parker dives for gold in shark-infested waters. Plus, he explores a billion-dollar hard rock mine and reveals his final Alaska wash plant design.

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