Episode 1

Welcome To The Wolf Sanctuary

Matt and Lorin run a sanctuary for rescued wolves and struggling combat veterans. Matt and the team rescue Sadira, a grey wolf, out of a backyard.

Episode 2

A Wolf Romance

When a nearby animal sanctuary is threatened by a wildfire, the LARC team race to assist in the evacuation. A tumour is discovered on a 20-year old wolf named Blade.

Episode 3

The Heart Of A Wolf

Matt and the veterans are called in when a neglected and aggressive wolfdog named Apache needs to be removed from the rough conditions of a suburban home.

Episode 4

Wolf On The Loose

A loose wolf in a small California town sends Matt and the veterans on a rescue operation before trouble can arise. Thompson works with a coyote named Lichen.

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

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