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The islands of the Hebrides are home to puffins, golden eagles, basking sharks, whales, dolphins, otters and corncrakes. What makes this an idyllic habitat?


Episode 1

Japan: Islands Of Extremes

Japan is an expansive archipelago covering a range of climatic zones. Explore the unique array of Asian and Arctic species that inhabit this country.

Episode 2

Amazon River Islands: The Floating Forests

Discover the amazing creatures that inhabit the thousands of isolated jungle islands spread along the Rio Negro and Amazon River.

Episode 3

Vancouver Island: Rivers Of Life

Vancouver Island is a vast and wild island with a backbone of jagged mountains running its length. Explore the unique wildlife that inhabits it.

Episode 4

Philippines: Islands Of Mystery

Discover a nation of over 7,000 islands, forming one of the most ancient archipelagos in the world where wildlife and people have had to adapt.

Episode 5

Falkland Islands: Penguin Paradise

A third of the world's penguin species make the Falklands their annual breeding ground; why do penguins and their sea lion predators thrive here?

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