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Love is a powerful, positive emotion that is the source of much happiness. But it can turn dark, leading to obsession, jealousy and deadly consequences.


Episode 1

Love Is Relative

When a woman discovers her married son engaging in an affair with his 14-year-old stepsister, it creates a family rift that will end in tragedy.

Episode 2

Love, Lies And Deception

A home health care nurse falls in love with her married patient. But once the nature of their relationship gets out, it ends in tragedy.

Episode 3

Love And Hot Lead

Two 18-year-old girls' love turns fatal as the 49-year-old roommate of one of the girls decides to get in between the two deadly lovebirds.

Episode 4

Hell To Pay

When a strict southern Baptist grandma discovers her granddaughter's lesbian relationship, she decides to do what it takes to keep them apart - and it ends in murder.

Episode 5

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

A married father of two engages in an affair with his wife's first cousin - a love triangle that will lead to one very murderous twist.

Episode 6

If I Can't Have You

A man becomes fixated on his co-worker, believing they should be married. The problem is, she's already married - to a jealous husband.

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