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About The Show

A promising young lawyer at Scott Rothstein’s law firm is murdered, and further investigation into Rothstein reveals an elaborate Ponzi scheme bilking unsuspecting victims.


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Episode 1

Discreet House Cleaning

A young woman is found dead in her home with '#1' scrawled on the wall in lipstick. Is she the first of many who will fall prey to a serial...

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Episode 3

Road To Nowhere

A long haul trucker disappears. Thirteen years later a tax auditor goes missing. The investigation into one case expands into the other, revealing a grisly crime.

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Episode 4

Sex, Drugs And Murder

Danny Coleman's charred remains are found 50 miles from his home. The near 20-year hunt for his killers involves sex, drugs and a voice from the grave.

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Episode 5

Blood Brotherhood

Two frat brothers are inseparable, but after college their friendship ends in murder. The investigation reveals a botched robbery, arson and an unusual love affair.

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Episode 7

A Deadly Dream

Beloved small town worker Ernest Tolbert is gunned down while working at a laundromat. Town gossip leads police near his home, but new leads emerge over a year later.

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Episode 10

Too Young To Die

When 15-year-old Annie Kasprzak is found murdered, her foster parents are devastated. Digital forensics help to uncover the shocking truth of what happened to her.