Episode 1

The Final Heartbeat

The disappearance of 21-year-old Michaela MacVilla sets off a huge mobilisation of law enforcement. They delve deep into the world of digital forensics.

Episode 2

Panic On The Parkway

An unknown shooter murders a cop and an innocent motorist on the Cross Island Parkway in Nassau County, Long Island. Police embark on a huge manhunt.

Episode 3

A Generational Curse

When Jacob Craggett is murdered in a crossfire, it brings back terrible memories for his family, who lost another relative to gun violence ten years earlier.

Episode 4

Life Is A Battlefield

When an army veteran is tragically murdered, it rocks the town of San Antonio, Texas. The case goes cold until police receive an unexpected phone call.

Episode 5

The Loss Of Innocence

The disappearance of 12-year-old Naomi Jones triggers a massive search effort. But when they find her body, police hunt for heartless killer who took her life.

Episode 6

When Trust Turns Fatal

A brutal murder begins a hunt for both a devious killer and a missing child. Investigators contend with false leads and hidden evidence to uncover the truth.

Episode 7

The No Body Homicide

The disappearance of Bruce Blackwood becomes a dormant missing persons case until a veteran investigator and a young prosecutor team up to deliver justice.

Episode 8

A Cold-Hearted Conspiracy

When a young mother is murdered while on an evening stroll, investigators race to find the gunmen and uncover a twisted trail of lies and betrayal.

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