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Next Up

Saturday 24th August at 11:00 pm


Coming Soon

Episode 1

The Stalker

When computer programmer and single mum Cari Farver goes missing from a small town in Iowa, it will take the authorities across state lines to crack the case.

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Episode 2

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Murder At The Barbershop

Barry Shipp, a well-loved Pensacola barber, is gunned down in broad daylight in his shop. Will DNA left at the scene hold the answer to the murder mystery?

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Mother's Day Murder

Popular Spanish teacher and grandmother Patricia Mery is found brutally beaten and stabbed to death. Could a family feud had led to murder?

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Protecting A Friend

Tyshika Askins, a young mother, is found dead in her home. After charging the wrong man, police hope the key to solving the case lies is a juice container.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

A Mother's Nightmare

When 15-year-old Alyssa Otremba is found brutally raped and murdered, the Las Vegas police hope that they catch the monster before he can strike again.

11:00 pm

24 Aug


Episode 9

Coming Soon

Episode 10