About The Show

As injuries pile up, the team push deeper into the Island in search of the Treasure of the Trinity, but a trail of clues leads to confrontation.


Episode 3

Treasure Found!

The team finds proof of treasure in the jungle near a historic mission. A spooky visit to an antique market uncovers Jesuit silver, leading them up a perilous river.

Episode 4

Brush With Death

A deadly caiman targets Mehgan, but a potentially crippling accident leads to a shocking find - a coded message from the past that may bring them closer to gold.

Episode 5

Jaguars Gold

The treasure hunters make a new discovery, and a run-in with a jaguar leads to another revelation, but the new path has tragic consequences for Captain Keith.

Episode 6

Cappy's Curse

After a tragic event on their way to a Guarani village, the team secures vital information from the village elders about a special stone hidden near "The Demon Falls".

Episode 7

Striking Gold

The team tracks down a unique marker, taking them to a maze-like location riddled with caves. The determination pays off as they start unearthing priceless artefacts.