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As injuries pile up, the team push deeper into the Island in search of the Treasure of the Trinity, but a trail of clues leads to confrontation.


Episode 1

Big Risk, Bigger Reward

In a daring new expedition, the team takes on the treacherous Bolivian Andes to track down the legendary two billion dollar Sacambaya treasure.

Episode 1

The Hunt for Gairsoppa's Treasure

Odyssey Marine Exploration attempts to locate and recover the SS Gairsoppa, which may contain 200 million dollars' worth of silver.

Episode 1

The Trail Of Blood

A vital clue on Snake Island sees the team in the perilous Paraguayan jungle. A historic artefact brings them closer to treasure - and life-threatening encounters.

Episode 2

Curse of the Mantola

The team continue their recovery of silver from the SS Gairsoppa, until a sudden storm changes their plans. They move onto a new ship, but nothing comes easily.

Episode 2

A Cursed Fortune

The team finds more artefacts leading them closer to treasure, and meets a local historian who gives them a valuable clue, but warns of the fortune's cursed past.

Episode 3

Odyssey's Victory

The Odyssey team focus on their two remaining shipwrecks, and the team finally recover their first million from the Gairsoppa. But will they find her mother lode?

Episode 3

Treasure Found!

The team finds proof of treasure in the jungle near a historic mission. A spooky visit to an antique market uncovers Jesuit silver, leading them up a perilous river.

Episode 4

Brush With Death

A deadly caiman targets Mehgan, but a potentially crippling accident leads to a shocking find - a coded message from the past that may bring them closer to gold.

Episode 5

Jaguars Gold

The treasure hunters make a new discovery, and a run-in with a jaguar leads to another revelation, but the new path has tragic consequences for Captain Keith.

Episode 6

Cappy's Curse

After a tragic event on their way to a Guarani village, the team secures vital information from the village elders about a special stone hidden near "The Demon Falls".

Episode 7

Striking Gold

The team tracks down a unique marker, taking them to a maze-like location riddled with caves. The determination pays off as they start unearthing priceless artefacts.

Episode 8

Death Road To Fortune

Chasing a two-billion-dollar fortune, a landslide and the infamous "Death Road" put the team in danger as they try to cross South America's Andes Mountains.

Episode 9

Break In

The team find a clue that leads them to consult with a local who is knowledgeable of the area. With his help, they find the entrance to a secret underground...

Episode 10

Death Trap

The team is trapped in an ancient, underground tunnel putting the search at risk. They rig a remote-controlled camera to find the expedition's most significant treasure.

Episode 11

Blast Away

Falling boulders threaten the crew and the dig site but their solution could cause a huge landslide. Underground, Shawn and Jeremy find their first piece of Jesuit gold.

Episode 12

Closing In On The Fortune

The team finds evidence of a route used to transport the fortune. Plus, a Jesuit artefact may provide the most critical information on treasure's location.

Episode 13

Hot On The Trail

The team uses explosives to blast their way to the treasure. Shawn and Javier unearth the expedition's largest find yet, confirming they are on the right track.

Episode 14

X Marks The Spot

Toxic fumes threaten to end the search and the team must improvise a solution. A startling discovery on an aerial drone camera reveals an important location.

Episode 15


The team searches the huge tunnel, but with the valley on the verge of flooding, they're forced to risk their lives in a bid to solve the 300-year-old Sacambaya mystery.

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