Episode 1

Behind Closed Doors

A pair of teenage sweethearts seem to be happily married, with four children and an adventurous life together. But the couple is harbouring a dark secret.

Episode 2

The House Out On Wade Road

Byron and Michele Wright's marriage comes to a mysterious end. When Michele's new man arrives on the scene, a shocking truth is unearthed.

Episode 3

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Heather and Daniel's teenage romance blossoms into a marriage. But with Daniel's twin brother always hanging around, passion turns to poison.

Episode 4

Some Kind Of Monster

Manjit and Mukhtiar get married and set up a home together in suburbia. But fierce arguments soon turn their dreams into a nightmare.

Episode 5

Flowers On The Road

Lost souls Frank and Angelina Rodriguez appear to have finally found true love. Then, a sudden death leads investigators to uncover a shocking tale.

Episode 6

In Sickness And Health

Cynthia Smith and David Mueller's happy marriage is rocked by a tragic illness. When David dies, detectives uncover a sinister plot.

Episode 7

Five Months Of Hell

Chris and Theresa seem like a perfectly matched couple. But when one of them vanishes, it leads to five months of hell and a shocking final act.

Episode 8

A Body At Devil's Corral

Murder, like true love, is written in the stars. Investigators, family and friends recount chilling cases of relationships that end in homicide.

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