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Matt is abducted, blindfolded and dropped in the middle of nowhere by his fellow survivalists. He’s got 100 hours to find his way out, but will he succeed?


Episode 1

Epic Fail

Former Navy Seal Jake is dropped totally unprepared into Africa's Namib Desert. As they others watch from base camp, Jake's goal is to set a new game record.

Episode 2

African Ambush

Primitive skills expert Matt is double-crossed on the dangerous African Savannah and left with nothing but blood to drink. How will Matt get out of this mess?

Episode 3

The Hunger Game

The Dudes drop newbie Casey Anderson on British Columbia's frigid Pemberton Ice Cap, home to some of the most dangerous bear country in the world.

Episode 4

Death Row

Chris taunts the Dudes for a chance to play the game - and shortly later, finds himself locked and handcuffed in an abandoned, haunted prison deep in the Canadian woods.

Episode 5

No-Sleep Nightmare

A newbie is dropped into Arctic Norway. He has no idea where he is, and is left on a mountaintop with a unicycle and a boat and 100 hours to...

Episode 6

Pain in the Neck

Green Beret Terry Schappert is captured in the middle of a military exercise, then dropped unprepared into the icy waters of an alpine lake in Transylvania.

Episode 7

Mayan Sacrifice

John is immersed in a pitch black maze of underwater caves in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, where he battles exhaustion and hypothermia in neck-deep water.

Episode 8

Island of Death

The Dudes drop Jake in the jungles of Death Island in Nicaragua. There are tons of resources for a master tinkerer like him, but there are also snakes and crocodiles.

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