Episode 1

Big Bam Boom

Kevin Delaney and his team of experts show how explosive hydrogen peroxide can really be. Plus, combining ping pong balls with pressurised liquid nitrogen.

Episode 2

Rocket Blast

Kevin and his team of experts explore the amazing science behind rockets, using unconventional materials to power homemade projectiles to incredible heights.

Episode 3

Fire Tornado

Kevin and the team take to the streets to create a massive, swirling fire tornado out of kerosene. Plus, they dazzle onlookers with a rainbow coloured flamethrower.

Episode 4

Flying Saucers

Kevin and his team of experts use a race car to put a new twist on an old magic trick, and show what it takes to build homemade hovercraft.

Episode 5

Red Hot Nickel Ball

Kevin explores the incredible science behind food, showing how to cook with a red hot nickel ball, and how a bunch of bananas can be transformed into a piano.

Episode 6

Strange Goo

Kevin and his team of experts explore the strange science behind oobleck, a bizarre material that can behave as both a solid and a liquid.

Episode 7

Curve Your Enthusiasm

Kevin explores the laws of motion. He teams up with pro athletes to discover how a curveball works, and how to make a football do unbelievable things.

Episode 8

Fire Vortex

Kevin heads to the streets to show how to build a vortex cannon that can pump out a ring of fire. Later, he transforms everyday objects into explosive fireballs.

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