About The Show

Filmmaker Christopher Garetano investigates America’s most mesmerising conspiracy theories. He looks for evidence that life’s strangest possibilities really exist.


Episode 1

Zombie Boys

Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano investigates if government-run mind-control experiments occurred at an abandoned military base in Long Island, NY.

Episode 2

Little Bastard

Christopher Garetano examines an allegedly cursed car, which vanished after it killed Hollywood icon James Dean and many others in a series of bizarre accidents.

Episode 3

Game Over

Christopher Garetano questions the future of gaming and the nature of reality itself. Is society's love of video games being used to reprogram our minds?

Episode 4


Christopher Garetano seeks evidence of cursed lands. His quest leads him to a town tormented by spirits of the past and an abandoned amusement park with a legacy of death.

Episode 5

Without A Trace

Christopher Garetano is in northern California to investigate the supernatural lore around Mount Shasta. He seeks answers to unexplained disappearances in the area.

Episode 6


Christopher Garetano investigates whether artificial intelligence will become humanity's greatest ally - or its biggest existential threat.

Episode 7

Beyond Stargate

Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano explores the US government's programmes, both past and present, that seek to create the perfect supersoldier.

Episode 8

Demon Time

Christopher Garetano seeks closure to his own personal nightmares as he investigates the phenomena that haunts our world in the dead of night.

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