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About The Show

A bartender hooks up with a gorgeous woman, only to discover she’s the same femme fatale who got him thrown in jail months before. Plus, a man goes on a sexual joyride.


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Episode 1

The Preacher's Daughter - L.A. Fourway

A playboy meets a pack of wild women and thinks his foursome fantasy will come true, until they leave him high and dry.

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Episode 2

Public Displays Of Affection - BBW Orgy Bust

A comedian gets more than he bargained for when he rents his studio to a party promoter who throws wild sex orgies.

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Episode 3

Sex Life Of A Cabbie - Smile And Say Busted

A cabbie and his dispatcher decide to have sex under the stars. Plus, a couple of swingers get into trouble hosting their own soirées.

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Episode 4

The Virgin Brian - Photobombed

Brian is a virgin who meets a girl in a bar and thinks he's finally going to become a man, until police arrest him and the girl, who's a prostitute.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Hard Rock Hanky Panky

A couple who love a good buzz and hot sex decide to get it on at a truck stop after a rock concert. Then a young man tries to win...

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The People vs. Penelope Peaks

A couple tries to make friends with their new neighbours but when their porn business gets exposed, local law enforcement take them down.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Ultimate Airgasm

A couple takes sex to the next level by doing it while skydiving and filming it. But when their video goes viral, it alerts the police.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Tazed, Cuffed and Confused

A group of teens throw a wild beach party and get frisky in the sand. But when the cops catch them in the act, they get shocked into submission.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

DUI I Love You

A bartender hooks up with a gorgeous woman, only to discover she's the same woman who got him thrown in jail months before. Then, a man goes on a sexual...

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Sex on Wheels

A divorced handyman transforms his work van into a mobile love shack. But, when police mistake one of his trysts for a crime, his unruly past catches up to him.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Hawaii 5 Oh No

A penny-pinching couple travel to Hawaii on the cheap. When they pitch their tent at the wrong beach, a naked bonfire, stoned exhibitionism, and a police raid ensues.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Getting Some Tail

A young man breaks his parent's rules in hopes of losing his virginity. But, things get wild when nature calls in ways he never could have imagined.