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25th January


About The Show

In Nome, Alaska, the summer gold mining season roars to life – and it’s the richest yet.

The miners are using new strategies, locations and equipment upgrades to get the most gold that has ever been taken out of the Bering Sea. Captain Shawn Pomrenke – the man they call ‘Mr Gold’ – is looking to stay on top of Nome’s gold-mining heap. He hopes for a strong showing, needing capital to construct his multi-million-dollar mega-dredge.

But, he’s feeling the pressure from Kenn Kerr and business partner Dave Young’s 600-tonne Myrtle Irene, which dwarfs everything currently on the water.

Meanwhile, Emily Riedel fights to reclaim her position; with the elements against her she risks losing her entire dredge forever. And, coming off their best season ever, the Kellys return to the promising ground at The Bluff.

Armed with a new attitude, Kris is set to dominate. Time will tell whose approach will reap the biggest reward and land them at the top.


Coming Soon

Episode 1

Ready, Set, Gold

The miners gear up for the upcoming season. Shawn is hard at work extending the reach on his excavator and Ken spends over $500,000 on upgrades.

Coming Soon

Episode 1

Double Down

In Nome, Alaska, the summer gold mining season kicks off. The Kellys hope to repeat the success of last season and Kris leads his team with a newfound determination.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Pay The Piper

Mining the Bering Sea is a difficult and dangerous job. The miners provide new insight as they discuss their toughest and richest season yet.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Unleash The Beast

Shawn is able to dig deeper than ever before, but he's also fighting to keep his family dynasty. Meanwhile, veteran skipper Vernon has rebuilt his war chest.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Clash Of The Titans

Shawn's crew are busy trying to reach the one thousand-ounce goal. Plus, the Kellys face howling winds and ripping currents as they move The Reaper into the sea.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

The Sound Of Money

Vernon and his crew get stranded in the Yukon. Shawn has a good luck charm in his son. Ken suffers a mechanical setback and Emily sends a rookie diver underwater.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Storm Ravaged

Stormy conditions force the miners to question how hard to fight. Shawn channels his inner MacGyver to fix a machine and Vern must make a life or death decision.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Guts & Gravel

Before the winter freeze, Shawn gambles to dig deeper than ever as Ken brings the heat. The Kellys restart with a new dredge design and Emily aims to work non-stop.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Gold Blooded

Captain Vernon is on the final leg of his epic journey transporting the Gold Ship Wild Ranger to Nome. Plus, Emily faces ripping currents and an exhausted diver.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Missing In Action

When a fellow miner vanishes, Ken and Shawn interrupt their operations to join the search and rescue. Plus, Vern finally unleashes on the Bering Sea.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Battle Plan

In the waning days of a gruelling summer mining season, everyone is desperate to find as much as possible. Plus, dangerous winds threaten Shawn's installation.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Race The Storm

Nome is about to be hit by a mega winter storm that will shut down the harbour. Shawn and Ken battle to win their bet - who will be crowned...