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24th January


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Change is in the air in Nome, Alaska. It is home to the richest offshore gold mining pursuit on Earth, where each year millions of dollars in gold is pulled from the Bering sea. However, with the warmest summer on record set to hit Nome, new deposits emerge waiting to be tapped.


Episode 1

Gold Dogs, New Tricks

Shawn's legal woes could end his season before it begins. Kris receives a once in a lifetime deal while Vernon upgrades the Gold Ship.

Episode 1

Gold Town Road

High summer temperatures cause the miners to find new strategies. Shawn fights a legal battle, while Emily and the Kellys look to expand their operations.

Episode 2

The Kellys' Fireworks Extravaganza

Kris invites family and friends over for July 4th celebrations. The evening is packed with competitions and games, will they all get along?

Episode 2

Dawn Of The Dredge

As summer kicks in, Ken and the Myrtle Irene get stuck in the mud. The Kellys are forced to bail out and Shawn gets word on the fate of the...

Episode 3

Sweet Child O' Mining

Shawn gets his first taste of the shifting seabed. Ken tries a new perspective to find new ground, while Kris and Emily each try out rookie divers.

Episode 3

Breaking The Ice

There's a gold rush on but this precious metal is found at the bottom of the Bering Sea. A handful of people are willing to risk it all to bring...

Episode 4

Shift Happens

The miners seek more valuable ground. Shawn must fight the sea's shifting tide, Ken strains his excavator arm and new diver Brian saves Vernon's day.

Episode 5

Miner Combat

Tensions fly as Brad leads The Reaper into hostile waters. Shawn hunts an elusive pay streak, and Ken puts a risky Myrtle Irene repair to the test.

Episode 6

The Gold, The Bad, & The Ugly

Shawn's rocky pay streak takes him for a wild ride. Kris raids another claim but a rival dredge fights back. Vernon loses patience with his crew.

Episode 7

Dredge Men Tell No Tales

With a huge storm set to hit Nome, Shawn and Ken push their operations to the brink to get one last score in. And, one dredge pushes too far into...

Episode 8

Dive Hard With A Vengeance

After the storm, Ken learns the Myrtle Irene's fate. Shawn uses a new tool to hunt for new hotspots. Kris gambles on an alliance to improve his season.

Episode 9

Gold Is Thicker Than Blood

Shawn confronts his dad for the family operation - to disastrous results. Emily brings her dad aboard The Eroica and Vernon recruits his daughter Elaine.

Episode 10

The Heat Is Off

As summer's end approaches, Shawn claws closer to the top of the gold count. And, Emily leaves her unpredictable father to tend on the Eroica.

Episode 11

Claim Of Thrones

The approach of a season-ending storm tests the severity of Nome's gold fever. Shawn digs in deeper water and Ken pushes the Myrtle to its max.

Episode 12

Episode 12

There's a gold rush on but this precious metal is found at the bottom of the Bering Sea. A handful of people are willing to risk it all to bring...

Episode 13

The Ice Mine Cometh

Winter has come - along with the thinnest, most unpredictable ice in decades. Kris tries to set up and mine in one day and Emily's reliable Claim 14 shocks her.

Episode 14

Frozen Chokehold

Only days into the winter mining season, a regulator freeze up cuts off Shawn's air supply. Vernon returns to the ice with an eye to buy Claim 16.

Episode 15

Snow Blind

The clock ticks as an impending, violent Arctic storm gathers strength. Kris gambles on another rookie miner and Vernon risks everything to test Claim 16.

Episode 16

Pain In The Ice

Following the Arctic storm that drove everyone to shore, Shawn embarks on a marathon dive and Kris unveils a diving relay with The Reaper's new diver, Shaunna.

Episode 17

Total Meltdown

Suffering the icy burn of possible defeat, Kris wrecks his 3-diver relay plan and abandons his crew. Meanwhile, Shawn is forced to question TOMCOD.

Episode 18

Cold Man And The Sea

The clock ticks as Shawn races to prove the viability of the TOMCOD. Plus, Kris makes amends with his crew and Brad dives for the first time in five years.

Episode 19

Freezer Burn

Shawn fights frozen ground with steam heat when the temperatures plummet to a season low. Plus, Vernon gambles on a new spot and Kris has a plan to beat the...

Episode 20

Up In Flames

As an Arctic blizzard wreaks havoc across Nome, Kris finds gold under the ice, but fire erupts overhead. And, Shawn struggles to rescue his operation.

Episode 21

No More Mr. Ice Guys

Shawn pushes himself and his equipment to the edge. Kris and the Kellys recover from the engine shack fire. Vernon pitches his operation to a big-time investor.

Episode 22

Winter Take All

As the miners rush to solid ground before the ice vanishes, Mr. Gold outlasts the fleet to secure TOMCOD and Kris assembles a makeshift operation.

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