Episode 1

The Toddfather Returns

Todd Hoffman and his family gamble on a remote, broken-down Alaskan mine. They have seven weeks to find gold before winter freezes them out.

Episode 1

Episode 1

Todd Hoffman is ready to get back in the mining game. He's putting his life savings into an ambitious plan to turn around a distressed mine in Nome, Alaska.

Episode 2

Todd's Hot Mess

Todd must deliver 300 ounces of gold in just seven weeks, so he needs to fix a huge wash plant. Later, he goes rogue and squares off with the mine...

Episode 3

Mining Dirty

Desperate to run more paydirt, Todd fires up the weathered and worn Big Trommel - but the plant is so worn-out, he's nicknamed it Hot Mess.

Episode 4

Jack Attack

It's Jack's birthday but outstanding season goals leave no time for cake. The crew must solve why Hot Mess is leaking out more than half the gold in the pay...

Episode 5

Fortune In The Wash

To hit his million-dollar goal, Todd pushes his team to get a third wash plant up and delivering gold. Plus, Andy is on a mission to revamp the mine's roads.

Episode 6

Ice Cold Gold

When Alaskan temperatures plunge and their biggest plant is frozen shut, Todd's team must save the remaining two wash plants from the same fate.

Episode 7

Hunting A Big Score

Hunter takes on the arctic tundra when he hears of legendary gold in the distant creeks. Back at the camp, Andy works to turn paydirt into a big payoff.

Episode 8

The Mother Lode

After disappointing results from an ancient riverbed, Todd's team focuses on finding premium pay dirt. Plus, a mine owner pushes Randy to a breaking point.

Episode 9

Bless This Hot Mess

With their million-dollar goal in sight, the Hoffmans' best working wash plant breaks down. Todd's last shot is to fire up the Hot Mess.

Episode 10

No Gold, No Glory

As Alaska's brutal winter bites, Todd works the night shift hoping to hit his million-dollar goal. Will the final gold weigh be a big win - or another disaster?

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