Episode 1

We Are Family

Join Adam Dixon and the team at Brides of Sydney. First up is Morgan, who visits with her big entourage. Then Talina, who is looking for a gown but isn't...

Episode 2

Budget Big, Budget Small

Bride Vanessa dreams big with her large $9000 budget. Bride Meredith tries on her dress, but will it impress the five friends she brought along?

Episode 3

Unconventional Couples

Bride Patti Ann travels from Chicago to find the perfect dress for her wedding in the Bahamas. Merav has expensive taste, but will her budget hold her back?

Episode 4

It Takes A Village To Buy A Dress

Bride Allison has a more emotional dress shopping experience than planned for. After 60 dresses, has bride Courtney found the one?

Episode 5

Second Time Around

Bride Wendi is searching for the perfect gown after not getting to wear one in her first wedding. Plus, will bride Shannon's dress still fit perfectly?

Episode 6

It's All A Puzzle

New Zealand women's hockey star Gemma searches for the perfect dress to impress her entourage who are a 'tough crowd'. Plus, Belinda's search for the perfect gown.

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