The Highest Mountains in Norway

Norway is famed for its fjords and coastline, but this topographically diverse country is also home to some spectacular mountains. Read on to discover Norway's highest peaks.

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31 January 2023

Norway is a land of great contrasts. From its long coastline with many fjords to towering mountains and rugged landscapes, Norway’s varied topography makes it a popular destination for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and skiing.

Norway’s coastline is one of its most iconic features. The country has over 15,000 miles of coastline, with towering cliffs, sheltered bays, and narrow fjords. Norway’s many fjords were formed by glaciers melting at the end of the last ice age. This same phenomenon created its mountains.

Indeed, Norway has several notable mountain ranges, including the Reinheimen, Dovrefjell, and Rondane. Perhaps the most famous range however is Jotunheimen, which Norse mythology attests as the home of the trolls or “jotner”. Today, it’s home to some of the highest mountains in Norway. This is where we’ll focus our exploration of Norway’s highest peaks, starting with its very tallest.

1. Galdhøpiggen: The Biggest Mountain in Norway

Galdhøpiggen (Photo: Stefan Havadi-Nagy via Getty Images)

Height: 8,100 feet | Range: Jotunheimen

Not only is Galdhøpiggen the highest mountain in Norway, but also in Scandinavia, and the whole of Northern Europe. Located in the municipality of Lom in eastern Norway, it’s within the protected area of Jotunheimen National Park.

Galdhøpiggen is described as relatively accessible considering its imposing 8,100-foot height, and it’s a popular tourist destination. The “hø” in its name offers a description of it as a “big and rounded mountain”.

2. Glittertind

Glittertind (Photo: AlbyDeTweede via Getty Images)

Height: 8,045 feet | Range: Jotunheimen

At 8,045 feet high, Glittertind, also known as Glittertinden, is the second highest point in Norway. This height is increased to 8,087 feet if one takes into account the glacier at its peak. That same glacier once brought Glittertind’s height up to 8,140 feet, giving it a claim to being the tallest mountain in Norway. However, it has since shrunk, removing any doubt that Galdhøpiggen holds that particular title.

Like Galdhøpiggen, Glittertind calls Jotunheimen National Park its home and is part of the Jotunheimen mountains. Its namesake is the river Glitra, which itself translates as ‘glitter’.

3. Store Skagastølstind

Store Skagastølstind (Photo: CameraPilot via Getty Images)

Height: 7,890 feet | Range: Jotunheimen

Often called just “Storen”, Store Skagastølstind is the third biggest mountain in Norway and a popular site with visitors. Located in Vestland county, this 7,890-foot mountain straddles the municipalities of Luster and Årdal. Like the top two highest mountains in Norway, it’s part of the Jotunheimen range, but within this it is a member of the Hurrungane massif.

Some regard Storen as the birthplace of Norwegian mountain climbing, a notion based on the seminal climb of it by William Cecil Slingsby in 1876.

4. Store Styggedalstind

Store Styggedalstind (Photo: Tobias Slinning Urke / EyeEm via Getty Images)

Height: 7,831 feet | Range: Jotunheimen

The eastern peak of Store Styggedalstind is the fourth highest point in Norway. The mountain is a neighbour of Storen within the Hurrungane massif. It’s located entirely within Luster in Vestland county. Store Styggedalstind has a second, western peak, which has an elevation of 980 feet above sea level. The “stygg” element of the mountain’s name means “ugly”, but doesn’t refer to its appearance. Rather it alludes to its extreme conditions.

5. Skarstind

Skarstind (Photo: Mads Erik Eriksson / 500px via GettyImages)

Height: 7,785 feet | Range: Jotunheimen

Skarstind, also called Skardstinden, is part of the Galdhøpiggen massif and is the fifth tallest mountain in Norway. The mountain actually has three peaks, with the main one reaching 7,785 feet above sea level. It’s located in Lom, west of Galdhøpiggen. The first recorded ascent was in 1884.

The Highest Mountains in Norway

Norwegian mountain range (Photo: Anna Kurzaeva via Getty Images)

And so, as we reach the summit of this list of the highest mountains in Norway, we have a clear view of these stunning peaks and their locations, which are all in the country’s east.


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