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Master restorer Jay Chaikin faces one of his most challenging builds ever – taking a disused silo and transforming it into a one-of-a-kind industrial-themed bar.


Episode 2

Back on the Rails

Master restorer Jay Chaikin travels to Aw Shucks Farm to breathe new life into a falling down 1880's train car, by transforming into a speakeasy bar.

Episode 3

Thrill of the Mill

Jay is on a mission at Whitewater Farm in Lake Toxoway to transform an old tractor barn into a one of kind retreat overlooking a majestic waterfall.

Episode 4

Bussin' it to the Rockies

Jay heads to Caribou Ranch to transform a 1940's bus into a mountainside wildlife retreat. His build also celebrates the local music history of the area.

Episode 5

Rustic River Revamp

Master restorer Jay Chaikin transforms Buckley's Mountainside Canoes into a destination spot that matches the natural beauty of the Chippewa River.

Episode 6

Barnbuster Build

Restoration expert Jay Chaiken travels to the farmlands of Bedford, Indiana to transform a century-old, dilapidated barn into a one-of-a-kind event space.

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