The Best Known Waterfalls in Germany

From the famous Triberg waterfalls to the cataracts of the Bavarian Alps, German waterfalls are overflowing with surprises. Want to know more? Read on.

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21 March 2023

Located in the heart of Europe, the German landscape is a complex geographical mix. From its flat northern plains to its hills, mountains and dense forests in the south, it has a little bit of everything, including waterfalls.

Many of the most famous waterfalls of Germany are located in the south, particularly in the Alps and the Black Forest. In this article, we’ll pour over some of Germany’s best waterfalls and some lesser known gems, starting with the celebrated Triberg waterfalls.

Triberg Waterfalls

Triberg Waterfall (Photo: RobertSchneider via iStock)

As the Gutach river flows through the heart of the Black Forest, it stumbles down almost 500 feet over the course of seven drops, forming the tiered horsetails of the Triberg waterfalls. Whilst it is not, as it is often mistakenly cited, the highest waterfall in Germany, it is amongst the most famous.


Rothbachfall (Photo: Wirestock via iStock)

It is in Berchtesgaden National Park near the Austrian border that one finds what is considered to be the highest of all the waterfalls in Germany. The Rothbachfall or “Rothbach waterfall” is found at the southernmost part of the Königssee River. Dropping approximately 1,541 feet, the Röthbachfall descends in three stages, the largest a 787-foot horsetail.


Landtalfall (Photo: IHervas via Getty Images)

There’s no need to travel far from Rothbachfall for the next of Germany’s best known waterfalls. Indeed, just half a mile away is Landtalfall. Also known as Landtalgraben waterfall, this 1,345-feet cataract even pours into the same pool as its neighbour. It’s also said to be the country’s second highest falls.


Tatzlwurm (Photo: Christian Hassfuerther via Getty Images)

While the shimmering, foamy grandeur of the Tatzlwurm garners it a spot as one of Germany’s best waterfalls, the tale of its namesake elevates it beyond its 312-foot height and to the stuff of legend. Located in the Bavarian Alps on a well-trodden pilgrimage route, the story goes that a terrible dragon lived in a cave behind the falls. That monster was the Tatzlwurm.

Todtnauer Wasserfall

Todtnauer (Photo: dit:JWackenhut via iStock)

A creation of the last Ice Age, the Todtnauer Wasserfall, or Todtnau Waterfall, is located in the southern Black Forest, a product of glacial erosion on a fault line. Today, this five-tiered granite drop in the Stübenbach watercourse ranks among the most well-known of German waterfalls and also among the tallest in the region at approximately 318 feet high.

All Saints Waterfalls

All Saints Waterfalls (Photo: RobertSchneider via iStock)

All Saints Waterfalls, Allerheiligen-Wasserfälle in German, is found in the northern Black Forest town of Oppenau. Named after the abbey whose ruins are nearby, this 216 foot drop in the Lierbach stream rushes down seven high-walled tiers of igneous rock at seven cubic feet per second.

Kuhflucht Waterfalls

Kuhflucht Waterfalls (Photo: Nemo1963 via iStock)

It’s said that the name of Kuhflucht Waterfalls dates back to ancient times, deriving from the Roman word “confluctum”, meaning confluence. The thinking is that this referred to this being the point where the mountain stream of the waterfall meets the Loisach river. Among the best known waterfalls in Germany for its location near the base of the iconic Zugspitze, the falls are approximately 656 feet high and consist of a series of cascading tiers. Oh, and there is another interpretation of their name. Some argue that it originates from the Bavarian “Kuhflack” which roughly translates as “cow rest”.

Gertelbach Falls

Gertelbach Falls (Photo: Wirestock via iStock)

With its waters burbling over mossy rocks and densely green surrounding, Gertelbach Falls could be straight out of a fairytale. However this picturesque set of cascades is very much real, and located in the northern Black Forest.

Buchenegger Waterfalls

Buchenegger Waterfalls (Photo: Wirestock via iStock)

The Buchenegger Waterfalls are a hidden gem located in the Allgäu region of Germany. The falls consist of a series of cascading tiers and are approximately 328 feet high.

The Waterfalls of Germany

Triberg Falls (Photo: Leonid Andronov via iStock)

Germany’s best waterfalls offer a unique opportunity to experience the country’s stunning natural beauty. From the thundering Triberg waterfalls to the tranquil Kuhflucht, the waterfalls of Germany are not to be “mist”.


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