Episode 1

For Her Love

Veteran Tim Wright sits in prison for killing his girlfriend's ex, but his family believes he is innocent. Now they've reached out to investigators to re-open the case.

Episode 2

My Best Friend's Murder

Ken Andersen and Chad Swedberg were best friends until Chad was murdered. Ken's family says his conviction for the murder is a gross miscarriage of justice.

Episode 3

The Cult Of David

Yvonne Layne, a mother of five, dies due to a murder plot allegedly masterminded by her ex, David Thorne. But, David's family refuses to accept the verdict.

Episode 4

State Of Denial

A jury convicts Glynn Simmons of a liquor store clerk's murder, but Glynn insists he was out of state during the killing. His family calls on Chris and Fatima.

Episode 5

Trapped In The Middle

Steven Chaban has been jailed for killing his mother-in-law. His grieving wife calls Chris and Fatima to decide whether Steven is innocent or not.

Episode 6

A $25,000 Performance

Lee Harris admits he is a small-time con man but insists that doesn't make him a murderer. His son and a friend contact Chris and Fatima to investigate.

Episode 7

To Dye For

Kara Garvin is convicted for the brutal murder of a family in their Ohio trailer. But Kara's mother and sister are convinced she has been framed.

Episode 8

A Murder In Cave Creek

A man convicted of murdering a bartender after a night of sex and drugs, insists he's innocent. Now his brother and wife ask Chris and Fatima to help.

Episode 9


Bruce Walton is convicted of the stabbing death of his lifelong friend, Roy Fuller. Bruce's sisters call on Chris and Fatima to help prove his innocence.

Episode 10


A jury convicts 15-year-old Evaristo Salas for an apparent gang-related hit that leaves one man dead. His sisters believe they can prove Evaristo is innocent.

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