Episode 1

A Shot In The Dark

Michael Crump was a drug dealer convicted of murdering another local dealer in an apparent robbery gone bad. Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva re-examine the case.

Episode 2

Murder At Her Doorstep

When a pregnant woman is killed by an exploding box on her doorstep, her ex is convicted. Now, Mike Johnson's family seek help to prove his innocence.

Episode 3

Game Over

When high school coach Mike Bernos is found shot dead in a recliner, his adopted son Daniel Blan is convicted. Daniel's wife and childhood friend claim he is innocent.

Episode 4

Flames Of Passion

Claude Garrett says he tried to rescue his girlfriend from a fire in their home but was accused of her murder. Chris and Fatima dig deep for the truth.

Episode 5

Obsessed With Celeste

Retired TV executive Steven Beard is shot in his own home, but his wife, Celeste, didn't pull the trigger. So why is she in prison for his murder?

Episode 6

A Body, A Trough And 800 Pounds Of Concrete

Tracy Fortson was the first female deputy sheriff of Oglethorpe County, but was convicted of her boyfriend's murder. Was she framed?

Episode 7

The Meanest Drunk In The South

Former police officer Warren Horinek was a mean drunk, so when his wife, Bonnie, was shot dead, he was convicted of her murder. But was he innocent?

Episode 8

When The Gun Went Off

When Kathy Middleton died of a gunshot in her own home, police suspected her husband, Ken, killed her. His family insists he was wrongfully convicted.

Episode 9

Without A Trace

In 2007, young mother Melissa Flores vanished without a trace and her ex, Ronnie Denny Jr, was convicted of murder. His family is convinced the system got it wrong.

Episode 10

It Wasn't Me

In 1992, a small-time drug dealer was convicted of murdering a teenage boy. His sister and fiancée believe he is serving time for a crime he didn't commit.

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