Episode 1

Prison Mom

A jury convicts a woman of murdering her husband as he lay in bed, but her children insist it was suicide. They reach out to Chris and Fatima to get...

Episode 2

Bringing A Gun To A Fist Fight

In 2009, a Pennsylvania road rage incident ends with one man dead. Is it murder or self-defence? Chris and Fatima examine the case.

Episode 3

Aunts And Artifacts

After a robbery gone bad, Garrett is convicted of killing his aunt. His mother and sister say he's the victim of con artists. Chris and Fatima investigate.

Episode 4

Murder Without Motive

After a ten-year investigation, police suddenly charge a man with the murder of a family friend. His daughter hopes Chris and Fatima will believe her dad.

Episode 5

Guiltless Or Heartless?

Probation officer Rodney Patrick McNeal got a life sentence for murdering his pregnant wife in a fit of rage. His family says the system failed him.

Episode 6

The Jerk

Everyone agrees Brian Eftenoff is an arrogant jerk who rubs people the wrong way. But his kids insist that doesn't make him guilty of murdering their mother.

Episode 7

The Ex Files

Patricia Rorrer sits in prison for brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend's wife and baby out of spite. Chris and Fatima investigate the case in search of the truth.

Episode 8

The $60 Murder

Eric Miller was a small-time pot dealer convicted of killing a friend for $60 in cash. His girlfriend and daughter believe the system locked away the wrong man.

Episode 9

Villain Or Victim?

A disabled man dies after a brutal beating for his TV and VCR. Three people get life in prison based on the testimony of just one woman. Is she telling...

Episode 10

Wealthy Men Only

Nanette Packard thought she had it all until she was convicted of murdering her fiancé. Her daughter hopes Chris and Fatima can prove they got the wrong woman.

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