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In Phoenix, rival dealers bid big to turn a quick profit on abandoned real estate. But as Doug cashes in, Ed and Steve tackle termites – can they still make money?


Episode 1

Unfinished Business

The crews compete for an upscale four-bed home in Gilbert, and a 1950s ranch style house. But will Doug and Scott's rivalry push up the prices for everyone?

Episode 1

Behind The Door

In Phoenix, rival dealers bid big to turn a quick profit on abandoned real estate. But as Doug cashes in, Ed and Steve tackle termites - can they still make...

Episode 2

Getting Burned

Scott is feeling cocky about a condo in Glendale, but will he notice the fire damage before he bids big? Plus, Doug is determined to land an exclusive property.

Episode 2

Rags To Riches

When a million dollar customised mansion comes on the market, the bidding quickly spirals. Who will win the keys? Plus, Ed wants a foothold in the rental market.

Episode 3

Hold The Phone

A bidding war is raging over a high-end home when Doug's phone bid is disconnected - will the King of the East Valley lose out? Plus, Scott gambles big in...

Episode 3

Hidden Treasure

The buyers bid on a classic countryside horse property, but who will win the showdown? Plus, Scott and Ed compete for a modest property in a rundown area.

Episode 4

Million Dollar Baby

John risks everything on a million-dollar home - but will his gamble pay off? Plus, Ed and Steve find nesting scorpions aren't the only problem in their new pad.

Episode 4


A lovely East Valley property entices Doug and Ed into a fierce bidding match. John gambles on a hunch while Scott goes investigating - will their work pay off?

Episode 5

Taking The Heat

In Phoenix, a vintage house attracts John and Doug's attention, but who will win the property? Plus, Scott bids blind on a boarded-up bungalow and blows his money.

Episode 5

Old Money

Some consider the original features of an old mansion to be an eyesore, but John believes there may be hidden value. Scott and Ed square off over a property in...

Episode 6


The animosity between rivals Scott and Doug erupts over a sweet home in the valley. Plus, who will bid on a property bound by an unknown debt; and will the...

Episode 6

Bed Bugs

Doug wonders if the low opening bid on a nice home is a red flag, but Ed thinks it could be a jackpot. Scott is worried that his favourite property...

Episode 7


Scott returns from his wedding. A rural home next to a dairy farm has windows boarded from the inside and gets weirder and weirder in every room.

Episode 8


The guys race to a late day, upscale auction addition. Scott brings his son to work, but will his attempt to show off for his son result in a bad...

Episode 9

Sick Day

A sudden cold snap scares off all but the most determined buyers, but can they take advantage? Meanwhile, a surprise turn from the auctioneers results in a huge win.

Episode 10

Triple Threat

A communication error between Lou and Scott on an expensive property is a game changer. And Ed sets his sights on a triplex rental, but will he get triple the...

Episode 11

Uninvited Pests

Despite the stormy weather, the buyers are excited to go after today's properties. They start at home where Scott does his best to rattle Ed.

Episode 12

Change Is Coming

Today's first property raises the interest of rental rivals Scott and Ed. Meanwhile, Doug faces off with a flirtatious newcomer, but who will come out on top?

Episode 13

Wipe Out

Today's first property draws Phoenix buyer Scott's attention, but rival Doug won't let up without a fight. A later house leaves one of men racing to the A&E.

Episode 14

Puzzling Addition

The buyers check out a small house where Ed is drawn to the property for nostalgic reasons, while Doug sees at as an easy money maker.

Episode 15

Toilet Tragedy

Scott eyes a house in a desirable area, and uses his puppy to get a leg up on the competition. Next, Ed's anger over Scott leads him to bet big...

Episode 16

Buyer Beware

Steve Simons is trying his hand at buying and inspecting properties while Ed takes his turn at the auction. Will Steve's beginner's luck come through?

Episode 17

The Roof Is On Fire

The Phoenix auction list is huge and Doug is impressed by one house's potential. Later, Scott thinks he may have found the day's big winner - but Ed is not...

Episode 18

Mustache Boy

The buyers head to the far reaches of the county to compete for a two-storey home. Scott is determined to win it, but Doug lets a coin flip decide his...

Episode 19

New Girl in Town

A team from LA is in town to stake their claim and the new girl irks Scott, who shows her that it takes more than pretty looks to succeed in...

Episode 20

Hazmat House

Scott and Christina go head to head. She is set on getting her next property, while he is just as determined to keep her out of the business.

Episode 21

Christina's World

The Phoenix buyers are looking at the newest properties up for auction. Newbie Christina hopes to distract Scott and Ed with some homemade cookies.

Episode 22

Scott's Leaky Faucet

New properties are up for auction, and Doug starts out the day bidding aggressively on a beautiful home. Next up is a huge multi-unit rental property.

Episode 23

Basement Surprise

There's a new auction list in Phoenix, and Scott Menaged is hunting for his 100th rental property. At the first house of the day Scott wavers on whether to bid.

Episode 24

Lou Makes a Deal

Doug and Scott duke it out until a little unexpected interference proves to be a game changer. Meanwhile, Lou fills in, but how will he get on?

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