The Best Known Waterfalls in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's best waterfalls are as richly diverse as its multifarious landscape. Each one, in its own unique way, enhances the country's natural allure, weaving an enchanting tapestry of spectacle and beauty that is nothing short of captivating. Ready to learn more? Read on.

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25 July 2023

A land where gorges and mountains rub shoulders with open lowlands and dense forests, Bulgaria is rich in natural wonders, of which waterfalls form an integral part. From giant plunges to idyllic cascades, it’s all here.

Bulgaria’s waterfalls are as diverse as they are enchanting. Each one tells its own story, echoing the roar of the waters and reflecting the tranquillity of the surrounding landscapes. Whether flowing incessantly through the seasons or appearing only sporadically, they serve as a testament to the country’s remarkable geographical variety. From the mountainous terrains where they source their strength, to the meandering paths they carve on their journey, these waterfalls stand as nature’s masterpieces, inviting exploration and admiration in equal measure.

So, “water” we waiting for? Let’s take the plunge and explore some of the best waterfalls in Bulgaria.

Raysko Praskalo

Landscape view of Raysko Praskalo, the highest waterfall in Bulgaria. (Credit: Kalina Ravutsova via Getty Images)

Its name means ‘heavenly sprinkle,’ and there’s something celestial about the majesty of Raysko Praskalo Waterfall. In fact, this 410-foot sheer plunge is not only the tallest of all perennial Bulgarian waterfalls, but also in the entire Balkan Peninsula. Located in Central Balkan National Park, it flows all year round.

Skaklya Waterfall

Skaklya waterfall in Vratsa, Bulgaria (Credit: SimeonDonov via Getty Images)

There are two Bulgarian waterfalls that go by the name Skaklya. One is located in Iskar Gorge near the village of Bov. The one we’re exploring however is in Vratsa and is another record breaker. At 462 feet high, it’s significantly taller than Raysko Praskalo. The difference is that, while Raysko Praskalo flows year round, Skaklya only does so sporadically. It’s at its peak in spring and after heavy rainfall.

Vidimsko Praskalo

Vidimsko Praskalo amidst the mountains of Bulgaria. (Credit: sirene68 via Getty Images)

Vidimsko Praskalo waterfall represents the convergence of three different streams in North Dzhendem Reserve, part of Central Balkan National Park. The fall that follows is a wild rushing plummet of 260 feet. Even when it reaches the ground, it bumps and slaloms across the rocky surface, cementing its place as one of the best waterfalls of Bulgaria.

Babsko Praskalo

Central Balkan National Park , Bulgaria (Credit: Maya Karkalicheva via Getty Images)

We’ve already seen that Central Balkan National Park is a hotspot for some of Bulgaria’s best waterfalls, and Babsko Praskalo doesn’t disappoint. This approximately 177-foot powerful spray coyly emerges from behind craggy cliffs, a shimmering torrent amid the rocks.

Krushuna Waterfalls

Krushuna waterfall, Bulgaria. (Credit: Mincho Karavastev / 500px via Getty Images)

We’re shifting gear from towering cataracts to bucolic cascades, specifically to Krushuna waterfalls. Located near the Northern Bulgarian town of the same name, this is not a single waterfall, but a forest full of them. Tumbling over terraces amid dense greenery, perhaps the most intoxicating aspect of Krushuna waterfalls is the colour of their water, a crystalline turquoise that wouldn’t be out of place in the most exotic locale.

Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall

Polska Skakavitsa waterfall, Bulgaria. (Credit: Dark_Eni via Getty Images)

Just 60 miles southwest of the capital Sofia, from a cliff that seems to have sprouted from the trees which envelop it, emerges the picturesque Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall. Segmented into three streams, it falls some 230 feet into the greenery below. And, just as Skaklya, this is not the only Bulgarian waterfall with the name Skakavitsa. There is also a 230-foot high Skakavitsa Waterfall in Rila National Park.

Waterfalls of Bulgaria

Scenic view of waterfall within the forests of Enina, Bulgaria. (Credit: Manuel Yankov / 500px via Getty Images)

And so, from the tranquil beauty of Krushuna waterfalls to Raysko Praskalo’s celestial sprinkle and the quirky charm of Polska Skakavitsa, Bulgaria’s best waterfalls certainly stack up on the global stage. These natural wonders, each with their own unique personality, contribute to the rich tapestry of Bulgaria’s diverse landscapes. They bring life to the country’s mountains and forests, serving as vital lifelines for the rich biodiversity within these regions.

Bulgaria’s waterfalls are imbued with a sense of tranquillity and awe that resonates deeply with locals and tourists alike. Whether seeking adventure off the beaten track, a place to find peace and solitude, or an opportunity to witness the raw power and beauty of nature, these waterfalls stand as compelling destinations.

In their roar, you hear the symphony of Bulgaria’s landscapes. In their movement, you witness the rhythm of nature. They are living postcards from the wild, begging to be explored, to be marvelled at, and to inspire.


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