About The Show

Trusted crime journalists reveal the shocking twists and unexpected resolutions that occurred while they were investigating high-profile crime cases.


Episode 1

The Freeway Phantom

In 1971 and '72, Washington DC is terrorized by a killer who abducts and murders six young African American girls. Police and the community are outraged.

Episode 2

Memphis Blues

In July of 2010, NBA star Lorenzen Wright goes missing outside of Memphis. When his dead body is discovered in the woods, investigators struggle to find the truth.

Episode 3

The Springfield Three

On June 6, 1992, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall are out celebrating high school graduation. By morning, the teens are missing, along with Suzie's mother.

Episode 4

Without A Trace

In 1984, ten-year-old Kevin Collins disappears on his way home. The police have few leads and his case sheds lights on hundreds of kids who have vanished in America.

Episode 5


Entrepreneur Chris Smith moved to Southern California with dreams of sand and success. After making a fortune, he decides to travel the world, but he never returns home.

Episode 6

Suburban Secrets

When doting mother, Cheryl Coker, vanishes from Riverside, Ohio, search efforts come up empty. Police uncover disturbing information and a web of secrets.

Episode 7

A Killing In Chinatown

Cambodian genocide survivor Dr. Haing Ngor wins an Oscar for his role in the film The Killing Fields. When he's shot, the LAPD unravel a web of intrigue.

Episode 8

Law & Murder

A double murder involving the family of a federal judge lead the FBI, US Marshals and Chicago PD on a huge investigation and a potentially bigger death count.

Episode 9

Nine Years In The Shadows

When a woman is found murdered in her home in 1988, police examine strife and infidelity in her marriage. A surprise witness leads to the killer.

Episode 10

The Cheerleader And The Hitman

When a widower and father is found dead outside his home, police suspect it's linked to shady business deals. A tip exposes dark family secrets.

Episode 11

Motor City Murder

In 1970s Detroit, a murder rocks an African-American neighbourhood. Police think they've got the killers - but it will take 47 years for the truth to emerge.

Episode 12

Oklahoma Horror Story

In Oklahoma City, two masked gunmen allegedly ambush a couple and kill the husband. With few leads, police use forensics and neighbourhood gossip to solve it.