Episode 1

Girl Scout Murders

In June 1977, a horrifying triple homicide at an all-girls summer camp shocks Tulsa, Oklahoma. Police lead a manhunt for the vicious predator.

Episode 2

Final Rodeo

After being seen with a mysterious stranger, a teen girl is found brutally murdered in the Nevada desert. The search for her killer envelops the entire community.

Episode 3

Where Is Mark Himebaugh?

Tragedy strikes days before Thanksgiving when an 11-year-old boy goes missing on the Jersey Shore in 1991. Police discover disturbing secrets.

Episode 4

The 1-70 Killer

In 1992, police race to find a ruthless murder who is targeting store clerks across the Midwest. Can police locate the killer before they strike again?

Episode 5

The Strange Disappearance Of Karlie Guse

In 2018, a young girl vanishes after attending a high school party in an isolated town in Northern California. What happened to Karlie Guse?

Episode 6

Held Captive

Dissatisfied with her new life in a new city, a 14-year-old girl runs away from home, but she never returns. It takes ten years before dark secrets are unlocked.

Episode 7

Who Killed Our Girls?

In 1991, four teenage girls are shot to death in Austin, Texas. Police scramble to find an answer to one of the most notorious crimes in Austin history.

Episode 8

Brighton Ax Murder

In 1982, a man returns home to find his wife dead with an axe in her head. The town live in fear of a murderer until an arrest is finally...

Episode 9

Dead In Bed

In 2007, a 19-year-old woman is brutally murdered in a small town of Winnsboro, Texas. The investigation brings some of the town's darkest secrets to light.

Episode 10

Star Crossed Killers

Police find a mother brutally stabbed and her daughter missing. Everyone fears she's in danger, but what they uncover is darker than they could have imagined.

Episode 11

The Times Square Killer

A serial killer stalks women in New Jersey whilst a murderer prowls the streets of New York City. Decades pass before police realise the crimes are linked.

Episode 12


In 2003, a bank heist escalates into a robbery-homicide. Despite having his picture and DNA, police struggle to find the killer, until they learn he hides in plain sight.

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