Episode 1

Jenner Beach Murders

A couple's weekend getaway takes a tragic turn when they are found murdered on a California beach. Satanic imagery nearby leads local deputies on a manhunt.

Episode 2

Highway Of Horrors

In 1992, a college student disappears after her car breaks down on the highway. Police are stumped when her body is found 500 miles from where she vanished.

Episode 3

Flight Risk

In the mountains of Colorado a young pilot goes missing without a trace, leaving behind her baby. Police unravel a story far more horrifying than they imagined.

Episode 4

Episode 4

Trusted crime journalists reveal the shocking twists and unexpected resolutions that occurred while they were investigating high-profile crime cases.

Episode 5

Hollywood Ripper

A suspected serial killer prowls Hollywood. As the number of victims climbs, one brave woman fights back fiercely and manages to survive.

Episode 6

The Price Of Fame

Actor Robert Blake finds his wife, Bonny Lee Bakely, dead in the couple's car. The police investigation history uncovers a story of ambition and betrayal.

Episode 7

Red Christmas

In December 2003, police respond to a mysterious 911 call at a home in Mansfield, Texas. When officers enter, they discover two bloodied bodies.

Episode 8

Blood Ties

A radio station intern is murdered, launching a long and frustrating investigation. Eventually, forensic genealogy leads to a man on the run for decades.

Episode 9

Little Girl Gone

In June 2003, a five-year-old girl vanishes as she walks to a friend's house. As police investigate, they realise the community is hiding some disturbing secrets.

Episode 10

A Crimson End

When two people are murdered, a teenage boy is arrested and pleads guilty. For 24 years one woman believes he is innocent, but once released his true nature surfaces.

Episode 11

Is Rodney Reed Innocent?

A Texas woman is brutally raped and murdered, and the trial sparks a racially charged debate over whether an innocent man has been condemned to death.

Episode 12

Bible Belt Massacre

The Freeman family trailer is burned to the ground and the parents are found dead with gunshot wounds, but their teenage daughter and her friend are missing.

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