The Best Known Waterfalls in Cambodia

From gentle cascades to thunderous plunges, we're embarking on a journey to explore the magnificent waterfalls of Cambodia. Embracing the country's diverse geography, we dive into the mesmerising world of these natural wonders, showcasing their unrivalled beauty and grandeur.

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1 June 2023

In the heart of Southeast Asia lies a shimmering gem, Cambodia, a land wrapped in an exquisite canvas of geographical wonders. Its varied terrain unfurls in a vibrant tapestry of expansive, low-lying plains, formidable mountainous ranges that etch the southwest and northern horizons, and an arresting coastline stretching over 275 miles, studded with glistening sandy beaches and thriving marshlands. Nestled within this grand spectacle of natural diversity, the captivating waterfalls of Cambodia appear as if woven from the very threads of nature’s symphony.

Each of these Cambodian waterfalls is a harmonious blend of beauty and grandeur. They cascade down in dramatic steps or plunge with a thunderous roar. This collection of Cambodian waterfalls, each possessing its distinct character and spirit, crafts a vibrant tableau that mirrors the captivating charm of this mesmerising land. We’ve rounded up a selection of the very best of these cascades and cataracts, so get ready for a rush as you read on.

Mondulkiri Waterfalls

Movement of water on the rocks (Credit: Stefano Madrigali via Getty Images)

Mondulkiri, a province renowned for hosting some of the most picturesque waterfalls of Cambodia, whispers tales of cascading beauty. Nestled amidst verdant forests around its provincial capital, Sen Monorom, are mesmerising falls such as Romanea I and Romanea II. These natural spectacles form a fascinating network of cascades. In the vicinity, you’ll find the imposing Lek Pok Bras waterfall, standing at 33 feet tall, as well as Kbal Preah and Monorom. However, Leng Khin, the tallest single-drop waterfall in the province, is a hidden gem. Tucked away in the village of Pou Yam, it rises to a striking 92 feet.

Bousra Falls, Mondulkiri

Bousra Eco Park in Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia. (Credit: Alan Morris via Getty Images)

Whether it’s spelled Bousra, Bou Sra, Bu Sra or by any other variation, this is undoubtedly the star attraction when it comes to Cambodian waterfalls. Located close to the Vietnam border in Mondulkiri’s Pech Chreada district, it cuts a dramatic path through the jungle as it descends its trio of tiers. Each of these drops is separated by a distance of up to 500 feet.

The width of the falls stays broadly stable throughout the year, starting at 50 feet at the first tier and widening to 75 feet at the next. By contrast, the heights of these waterfalls vary according to the season, due to the change in flow, water-level and therefore the height of the river itself. So, in the rainy season, the upper fall can measure as little as 25 feet high, increasing to as much as 50 feet at the peak of the dry season. By the same parameters, the second tier varies from 50 feet to 83 feet tall. As for the third fall, this is inaccessible, plunging as it does into the densest jungle.

Chrey Thom, Mondulkiri

Fresh water flowing down a waterfall. (Credit: Boris SV via Getty Images)

Chrey Thom, another brilliant showcase of Cambodia’s best waterfalls, roars down in a single, powerful drop, reaching heights of up to 50 feet and a width of seven feet. During heavier rains, the waterfall takes on an even more dramatic persona, expanding by up to 19 feet.

Siem Reap Waterfalls

Landscape of mighty Phnom Kulen waterfall in Siem Reap, Cambodia. (Credit: Jun via Getty Images)

Siem Reap, though best known for the legendary Angkor Wat, is also a treasure trove of beautiful waterfalls. Unfurl the secret map and set out to discover the waterfall Siem Reap keeps hidden in its verdant folds.

Kulen Falls, Siem Reap

Whilst not technically in Siem Reap, Kulen Mountain National Park is just 30 miles away. Considered the birthplace of the Khmer Empire and the holiest mountain in the country, it’s also home to two waterfalls. The first is 66 feet tall and the second a more reserved 16 feet.

Kachanh Waterfall, Rattanakiri

In Rattanakiri, Kachanh waterfall makes its dramatic plunge from the Kantoeng Stream towards the Sre Pork River. Falling around 40 feet in a magnificent display of power, it’s among the most iconic waterfalls of Cambodia.

Ou’Sinlair Waterfall, Rattanakiri

One can only marvel at the thought of how many of Cambodia’s best waterfalls are veiled deep within its jungle terrains, known only to the most intrepid explorers and native wildlife. One such hidden gem is the Ou’Sinlair waterfall, gracefully descending along seven steps amid a dense forest—almost reminiscent of a grand staircase in a noble country manor.

Tatai Waterfall, Koh Kong

Even the seemingly modest 13-foot drop of Tatai Waterfall in Koh Kong weaves a compelling tale of natural beauty. The crystal-clear mountain water, smooth rocky terraces, and jets spraying in all directions make it one of the best-known Cambodian waterfalls.

Waterfalls of Cambodia

Thmor Tada Waterfall Kampot, Cambodia. (Credit: MinghaiYang via Getty Images)

With its awe-inspiring landscapes and cascading treasures, Cambodia is truly a paradise for waterfall lovers. Mondulkiri alone boasts an impressive number of these natural marvels, yet the entire country is dotted with these spectacular sights. Each waterfall in Cambodia, whether hidden deep in the heart of the jungle or proudly roaring in the open, stands as a living testament to the country’s diverse topography and its splendid natural beauty.


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