About The Show

Paul Beban seeks answers to the world’s greatest paranormal mysteries. He uses declassified government documents, inside sources and determination to expose the truth.


Episode 1

Monsters Of The Deep

Paul Beban searches for the truth about sea monsters. He travels to Vermont's Lake Champlain to see if an unclassified creature lurks in its dark depths.

Episode 2

Chasing Skinwalkers

Paul investigates evil shapeshifters known as skinwalkers. He tracks these mythical beasts from the heart of the Navajo Nation to the infamous Skinwalker Ranch.

Episode 3

Cattle Mutilation Mystery

Paul looks for answers in a 60-year-old string of unsolved cattle mutilations across the US. He heads to a remote Nebraska farm to uncover the truth.

Episode 4

Alien Cover-Up

Paul searches for evidence that extra-terrestrials are among us. He unearths long-buried files that could lead to an alien cover-up all the way to the White House.

Episode 5

Tracking Bigfoot

Paul treks deep into the woods of the Midwest in search of Bigfoot. He cuts through hoaxes and misinformation to uncover ground-breaking evidence.

Episode 6

Gateway To Hell

Paul investigates a surge in demonic activity in America that is overwhelming the Catholic Church. He follows leads from Gary, Indiana, to Mineral Wells, Texas.

Episode 7

Superhuman Soldiers

Rumours of a secret US military program to develop super soldiers with psychic powers exploded in the 1970s. Paul sets out to expose the truth.

Episode 8

Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is one of the most depicted doomsday scenarios in popular culture. During Paul's investigation, COVID-19 spreads across the globe.

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