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About The Show

Brave Hawaiian men and women venture out alone in a kayak to haul up gigantic fish, equipped with just a paddle, a rod and their own brute strength.


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Episode 1

Open Season

Hawaii's peak kayak fishing season kicks off. There's sharks tackle, 500lb marlin ready and waiting, and an elusive octopus is a prize catch for a freediver.

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Episode 2

Big Island Breakdown

Jon Jon treads on Andy and Rob's turf in pursuit of his 500 lb marlin. Meanwhile, kayak fishing pioneer Isaac takes on a new partner.

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Episode 3

Heart of Darkness

Jon Jon must impress a local to gain access to a secret marlin hunting ground and Kimi hunts an invasive species that's hindering her food supply.

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Episode 4

West Side Story

Adam and Jason brave Kauai's rough seas to reach 40 Fathom Hook. Isaac teams up with Kimi to hunt Mahi Mahi, while the Uyeda brothers hook a 145 lb marlin.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

The Tuna Run

The tuna run hits Big Island and the race is on. Isaac goes for 100 pounders with Andy and Rob, Jon Jon puts his marlin hunt on hold to get...

Coming Soon

Episode 6

End of the Line

At the end of the season, Jon Jon is finally tested by a monster fish. Meanwhile, Isaac gets creative, and Boogie gets caught in a life-or-death struggle.