Episode 1

Like a Boss

Find out how to do it like a boss. Features a record-breaking butt skipper, a woman restraining four motorcycles, and the fastest downhill bike ride ever.

Episode 3

Man Vs. Nature

When a glass-breaking gorilla and a speed-racing sea lion face-off against a snowman in the desert and an underwater wheelchair, which will come out on top?

Episode 4

Epic Skills

Discover internet legends with some of the most epic skills on the planet, including the world's most incredible skin and the world's first tattooing toes.

Episode 6

Wild Rides

Snowboarding in the clouds, quad bike riding with a koala, and looping a car in a sphere - it's not the destination that counts, it's how you get there!

Episode 8

Killer Builds

Count down the best builds on the web, including a seafaring super car, bees that can 3D print and the jet powered wings that make man fly.

Episode 10

Shock And Awesome

The most surprising clips on the Internet include a communicating crow, a super speedy tractor, a silly putty axe, a monster crane lift, and a surfing motorcycle.

Episode 12

Wild Things

We're heading into the wild to find the craziest critters and weirdest natural events, including kangaroos in a bag, and a subterranean hot air ballooning world record.

Episode 14


Showcasing the most unbelievable internet clips - but have we been punked? A group of experts will separate the facts from the fake celebrating the best tricksters on the net.

Episode 20

Movers And Makers

A countdown of the most amazing inventions on the web. From a real lightsaber to helmets giving an animal viewpoint, these inventors build the unbuildable!

Episode 21

Power Up

Plugging into the most powerful clips on the web. In this epic power trip, gadgets include a mind-control helmet, a 2000-watt laser bazooka, and one explosive lunch.

Episode 22

Game Changers

A look at the internet's most ingenious trendsetters - including never-before-done barrel rolls, dizzying experiments in space and a bungee jump like no other.

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