Episode 2

An Angel in Paradise

It's been 18 months since the new orangutan class arrived on the island, but they can still get into trouble, and two travellers have to help the baby orangs.

Episode 3

No Borders

Lone makes the tough decision to allow free access between islands. She hopes that the youngsters on Orangutan Island will learn from the elders on Palas Island.

Episode 4

Sink or Swim

Mature orangutan Hamlet takes drastic action when a flash flood prevents him from reaching his feeding platform. Will his groundbreaking behaviour cost him his life?

Episode 5

Fight Club

Anarchy rules in the power vacuum left by Hamlet. The stakes are high as tenacious contender Reno vies for dominance with the older Palas Island males.

Episode 6

Kindred Spirits

Conflict between the two orangutan communities transforms into a perilous contest in which maladjusted orang Jordan could lose his life.

Episode 7

We Are Family

Exhausted from her motherly duties with baby orang Hardi, Kiki will never get a break unless she decides to let the other females do the unthinkable - babysit!

Episode 8

Where There's Smoke...

Reno's attempt to find his place in the island's society turns play into disaster. Meanwhile, Saturnus's naughty act sheds light on the current hierarchy.

Episode 9

Double-Edged Sword

Hamlet takes a walk on the wild side, which could compromise his entire future. Meanwhile, a plump Chen Chen returns from the clinic fully mended.

Episode 10

Teen Angst

The hormone-fuelled Palas Island males go on a rampage, targeting Kiki. Is her baby, Hardi, next? Elsewhere, there's a problem with Bonita's health.

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