Episode 1

Beauty Queen Killer

A beautiful young woman is abducted in broad daylight. Police and her family begin a race against time to find her before it's too late.

Episode 2

Gallaudet Murders

In September 2000, popular University student, Eric Plunkett, was mysteriously murdered in his dorm room. Could police stop his killer from striking again?

Episode 3

Murder She Wrote

When a man is found shot dead, police investigate a string of menacing emails back to their source - a jilted lover. But is there enough evidence for a conviction?

Episode 4

A Cry In The Night

A blossoming love is cut short when a young woman is found brutally murdered in her boyfriend's home. But with a number of different suspects, who is the culprit?

Episode 5

Voices in the Dark

The truth, of a vicious assault on a college student, threatens to tear apart an entire town. As police close in on a suspect, the blame is placed upon another.

Episode 6

Cheating Death

This marriage can end in one of two ways: divorce or murder. But which will prove stronger, from a wife's will to survive, or a husband's desire to see her...

Episode 7

Internal Affairs

The wife of a local policeman is gunned down in broad daylight. As investigators uncover a murderous plot, they fear one of their own may be involved.

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