Episode 1

Hauntingly Familiar

When the body of a young woman is discovered in the woods, investigators are faced with a difficult decision if they're to solve this hauntingly familiar murder.

Episode 2

A Mother Knows

An active-duty soldier dies in a brutal attack during a night out with her unit. Police determine if a secret fear she told her mother is the motive for her...

Episode 3

Capable Of Murder

Police investigate the gruesome murder of a mother and child. They quickly realise all the evidence indicates the killer was someone the victims knew and trusted.

Episode 4

Dark Clouds Lead To A Storm

A young woman is murdered in a bar parking lot. As police retrace her last known steps, several suspects with possible motives come on their radar.

Episode 5


Police wonder if a young woman's personalised license plate, FLRT 12, makes her the target for murder or if a far more sinister plot is behind the crime.

Episode 6

Blood Reveals The Sword

Police find a giant sword bent in half and a victim who has been savagely murdered. Investigators sort through his complicated life to find his killer.

Episode 7

Hammer And Dust

After a loving mother is murdered inside her own home, police focus on their two best clues - a blood-stained hammer and a dusty footprint.

Episode 8

Dance To Doom

A romantic date at a high school Valentine's dance turns into a night of terror when a beautiful teenager is abducted from her boyfriend's arms at gunpoint.

Episode 9

"Don't Open The Door"

An unidentified woman is found murdered in an off-campus apartment. Police have no leads on the case until her terrified neighbour shares a chilling story.

Episode 10

Eyes In The Darkness

The baffling murder of a beautiful young woman leads police to zero in on two potential suspects - her new boyfriend and an obsessed stalker.

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