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Thursday 18th July at 9:20 am



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Run From The Scene

In 2012, local DJ Ervin Holton is shot dead on his friend's porch. With no witnesses, police turn to the security cameras opposite - did they catch the killer?

Coming Soon

Episode 2

The Man In The Black Hat

When student Julissa Brisman is found shot and bound in a hotel room in Boston, police use cameras to find her killer and are shocked by what they uncover.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

I'd Kill To Be You

In 2012, young entrepreneur Terry Porter is found dead by his neighbour. There is no forensic evidence or witnesses, but surveillance footage may have the answer.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

The Last Shop

When Louise Dickey is discovered brutally murdered in a bath of her own blood, police are stumped. But, nearby surveillance cameras may lead to the shocking truth.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

The Lady Vanishes

When 69-year-old Ina Clare Richardson is found brutally murdered in a park, police turn to security cameras to piece together the puzzle of her death.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Stalking Carl

When Carl Starke is shot dead close to his home in Florida, police turn to CCTV to help hunt his killer, resulting in a huge manhunt and shocking on-camera interview.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Call Me Back, Chris

After Christopher Duncan disappears after leaving his apartment in Texas, police make a grim discovery. Surveillance footage points to a dangerous killer.

9:00 pm

20 Jul

Quest Red

Episode 8

Goodnight Jessika

In 2009, 27-year-old Jessika Kalaher is found strangled in her car in Texas. With her wallet and car keys missing, detectives turn to security cameras for clues.

9:00 pm

27 Jul

Quest Red

Episode 9

Michigan City Murder

In 2016 car salesman Hufracio Arteaga is found stabbed to death in his Michigan City office. Will surveillance cameras from a nearby building reveal the killer?

Coming Soon

Episode 10

The Blood Trail

When Tom and Jill Estes' bodies are found behind a dumpster in Missouri, police are baffled - until a receipt leads to CCTV of a blood-stained suspect.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Gentle Giant

In 2015 care worker Torrance Cheeves is found stabbed to death in his Texas home. With no suspects and a trail of puzzling evidence, will CCTV offer clues?