Episode 1

Killer Coverup

For a group of resort employees, the isolated mountain where they work is anything but paradise when one of them goes missing. Is there a killer amongst them?

Episode 2

Friends To The End

Fun-loving co-workers at a restaurant appear to be the best of friends - until one of their own is found dead on a soccer field at the edge of town.

Episode 3

Dorm Living Nightmare

A girls' movie night leads to a tragic ending for a group of college roommates. Police trawl halfway across the state in search of the killer.

Episode 4

Nightmare On Bennington Drive

A quaint neighbourhood in Jacksonville, Florida turns to chaos when a resident is found dead in their home - and the suspects all seem to be mourning.

Episode 5

Devil In The Dance Hall

A murder within a small square-dancing community in Texarkana, Arkansas, leads to suspects with possible motives including love triangles, jealousy and money.

Episode 6

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