The Best Known Waterfalls in Saint Lucia

Fire and water join forces to create the beautiful waterfalls of Saint Lucia. This volcanic tropical island overflows with pretty cascades, and we've rounded them up.

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26 July 2023

It’s an island nation barely larger than the city of Chicago, but St Lucia’s landscape manages to pack in more than its fair share of natural features, from mountains to sandy beaches, volcanoes to rainforests. This diverse topography, coupled with a tropical climate, has created the perfect environment for waterfalls to form.

Diving into the heart of this paradise, we’ll journey beyond the sun-soaked beaches and the peaks of the Pitons. Within its vibrant rainforests and volcanic landscapes, Saint Lucia harbours an abundance of cascading waterfalls, each more breathtaking than the last. From thunderous plunges to gentle trickles, these natural wonders offer an awe-inspiring spectacle of raw beauty and power.

So get ready to fall for some watery wonders. We’re chasing waterfalls.

Diamond Waterfall

Spectacular Diamond Falls of Soufriere, St Lucia (Credit: jaminwell via Getty Images)

Rainbows are a frequent phenomenon near cataracts, but one of Saint Lucia’s best waterfalls has an entirely different way of adding colour to its spectacular display. Just beyond the bounds of the western town of Soufriere, Diamond Waterfall is set in the lush green environs of a botanical garden, its waters a mix of underground spring water and rain. As it flows down 56 feet or so, the rock face behind it is an ever changing riot of vibrant hues of red and orange. This kaleidoscopic characteristic is down to the high content of sulphur, magnesium and other volcanic materials contained in the water. The colours even act as a sort of litmus test, changing as the balance of materials in the water does.

Toraille Waterfall Saint Lucia

Toraille Waterfall, Saint Lucia. (Credit: Holger Leue via Getty Images)

Toraille Waterfall Saint Lucia, is one of the island’s best known natural sites. A freefalling rainforest shower some 50 feet tall, it ends in a small natural pool, enveloped in its idyllic setting of verdant foliage.

Sault Falls

Dennery, Saint Lucia (Credit: TalbotImages via Getty Images)

Sault Falls, also known as Dennery or Errard Falls, is located on the island’s east coast. Its waters shower prettily into a shallow pool from a height of around 60 feet, making it one of the tallest waterfalls in Saint Lucia.

Superman Waterfall

Close-up of a small waterfall. (Credit: Instants via Getty Images)

If you recognise the next in this cohort of Saint Lucian waterfalls, it might be from its role in the 1980 film, Superman II. In fact, it’s known as Superman Waterfall and is every bit as picturesque as it looked when Clark Kent’s super alter ego picked flowers there for Lois Lane.

Piton Falls

Twin Pitons, Saint Lucia (Credit: Wildroze via Getty Images)

It may share a name with the most famous mountains on the island, but Piton Falls does not originate from their peaks. Like many waterfalls of St Lucia, it comes from a sulphur spring, dropping 30 feet into two specially built pools.

Enbas Saut Falls

Southern St Lucia, including Mount Gimie (Credit: Valerie Loiseleux via Getty Images)

At 3,120 feet tall, Mount Gimie is the tallest peak in St Lucia. And it’s in its foothills, nestled deep in the Edmund Forest Reserve, that one of Saint Lucia’s best waterfalls is found. Enbas Saut Falls are two successive cascades that look like mini waterslides, each leading to its own pool.

Saint Lucian Waterfalls

Canaries River valley Waterfall. (Credit: tentpole via Getty Images)

Toraille Waterfall St Lucia may be its most famous cascade, but, as we’ve seen, there are plenty more to explore in this tropical treasure trove of natural wonders. Indeed, the waterfalls of Saint Lucia constitute a remarkable array of the island’s geographical and natural bounty. Each of them, whether the vibrant hues of the Diamond Waterfall or the towering height of the Sault Falls, forms an integral part of the island’s ecosystem and contributes to its rich biodiversity. Toraille Waterfall, with its freefalling rainforest showers, and Superman Waterfall, with its cinematic fame, demonstrate the diversity and richness of these natural features.

The waterfalls also reflect Saint Lucia’s volcanic origin. The Piton Falls, for instance, derives from a sulphur spring, indicating the volcanic activities that shaped much of the island’s landscape. Similarly, the colourful spectacle at Diamond Waterfall is a result of high content of sulphur and other volcanic materials.

In essence, the waterfalls of Saint Lucia are not just spectacular attractions; they’re a testament to the island’s diverse geology and a crucial part of its natural charm.


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