Episode 1

Utah's Lion King

When Rex Tanner and June Flood go missing in suspicious circumstances, local investigators uncover an explosive story of paranoia and greed in the deserts of Utah.

Episode 2

Murder On Main Street

Rex Harper is shot dead in what investigators believe is a professional hit. Detectives must crack the cowboy code of silence to reveal the key to his killing.

Episode 3

Cowboy Conman

When cowboy Rick Godfrey goes missing in the Mojave Desert, investigators discover he's seduced and swindled many women. Has someone taken revenge?

Episode 4

No Honor Among Thieves

A prairie town sheriff uncovers a drug ring that includes law enforcement officials. Before the trial, the ring's kingpin does a deal - days later, he's dead.

Episode 5

Murder On Horseshoe Curve

When a mine worker is gunned down on a remote Arizona highway, it looks at first like a road rage attack. But is the killer closer to home?

Episode 6

Cowboy Killer

A single mum is enjoying a night out when a handsome cowboy introduces himself. He charms his way into her home but attacks her, leaving her for dead.

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