Episode 1

Tears For My Mother

A man calls 911 claiming he found his ex-girlfriend dead. But his behaviour on the call leads police to wonder if he could be involved.

Episode 2

The Silencer

With the help of a neighbour, an injured woman calls 911 saying an intruder broke in and shot her and her boyfriend. Police respond and find the boyfriend executed.

Episode 3

Big Sky Murder

A frantic woman calls 911 when she finds her husband shot to death. The investigation uncovers a complex trail of deceit in a murder that was years in the making.

Episode 4

Shadow Of Death

A woman calls the police, whispering that intruders broke into her home and attacked her husband. Investigators struggle to expose the mastermind behind the crime.

Episode 5

Under Siege

A woman calls 911, saying her husband has been shot dead by intruders. The search for suspects unearths a plot rooted in betrayal.

Episode 6

The Slender Man

A young mother is shot dead in a parking lot. Eyewitnesses call 911 and watch the shooter disappear into the woods nearby. Can police uncover the killer's identity?

Episode 7

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A woman calls 911, saying she's found her son dead in his home. At first it seems like a burglary gone bad, but cops discover this death was personal.

Episode 8

Hearts Of Darkness

A dying man calls 911 saying he's been shot. As detectives investigate, they navigate a complex group of suspects to uncover a tangled web and rage and revenge.

Episode 9


A terrified neighbour calls 911 when she witnesses a young mother gunned down in her driveway. Police work to uncover a complex conspiracy that led to murder.

Episode 10

The Devil's Voice

When two girls disappear and are found murdered, one family receives a piece of mail from the kidnapper. In the letter, police discover a game-changing clue.

Episode 11

Last Call

A man calls 911 after seeing his friend killed. With a surprisingly long list of suspects, investigators must sort through layers of lies, jealousy, and mistrust.

Episode 12

Torched Heart

A woman calls 911 saying an intruder had entered her home and shot her husband. Police struggle to find the intruder until a man comes forward with new information.

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