Episode 1

Poor Man's Turbo

The team test a myth from a movie franchise that you can increase turbocharger boost pressure with just the pop-tab from a soda can and a length of wire.

Episode 2

Underwater EV/Red Cars

The team see if birds prefer pooping on red cars more than on other colours. Then they see if an EV can drive through water and still work.

Episode 3

Fishtail Failure And EV Drain

The team sees whether trailer sway can be corrected by accelerating, and what happens to EV performance when the battery is depleted.

Episode 4

Bedrock Buggy And Rolling Back

The team tests whether a full-scale Flintstones' car can be powered using their feet. Plus, they see if they can roll back miles on an odometer.

Episode 5

Hot Rod Hybrid/Blown Brakes

The team tests whether a turbo makes a hybrid more efficient. Then, they try to recreate a brake failure from a classic movie.

Episode 6

Detonation Deflection/EV Range

Inspired by a mobster movie, the team want to see if they can bombproof a 1981 Cadillac Eldorado. And, they test out three myths on electric cars.

Episode 7

Leaking Radiator/Cars vs. UFOs

The team use an electromagnet and a jet engine to recreate the presence of a UFO to test how it affects automobiles, just like in sci-fi movies.

Episode 8

Chop Top And Fast Lane Farts

The team tests the myth that chopping a vehicle's top will make it go faster. Then they look for the best way to clear obnoxious odours from a vehicle.

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