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6th December



Episode 1

American As Applejack

Three skilled shiners compete using both freeze and heat distillation in a battle to make America's first liquor, applejack.

Episode 1

Prohibition Edition

Mark, Digger and Tim judge a competition to distil the best Prohibition-era moonshine before turning the liquor into cocktails from the Roaring 20s.

Episode 2

Nuts On The Line

Mark, Digger and Tim judge as a female distiller challenges an outlaw shiner and a pro distiller from Hawaii to make the best nut liquor.

Episode 3

Battle Of The Still Hands

Notorious still hands face off to determine which aspiring moonshiner makes the best corn liquor to win a thousand dollars' worth of sheet copper.

Episode 4

World War Of Whiskey

It's Bourbon vs Scotch vs Japanese whiskey. Mark, Digger and Tim judge as three specialized distillers compete in a global whiskey showdown.

Episode 5

Battle Of The States

Three outlaw shiners representing Alabama, Ohio and West Virginia compete to determine whose regional Appalachian recipe and style makes the best corn liquor.

Episode 6

Outlaw Grudge Match

Josh, Mike and Mark Rogers compete in the ultimate liquor-making rematch. Only one outlaw shiner will emerge with bragging rights and a backwoods trophy.

Episode 7

Moonshine Of Eastern Europe

Three top distillers compete to make the legendary plum-powered liquor of Eastern Europe, using recipes kept alive for decades behind the Iron Curtain.

Episode 8

Popcorn Sutton Challenge

Guest judge, Pam Sutton, joins Mark, Digger and Tim as three series champions compete to make Popcorn Sutton's legendary corn whiskey!

Episode 9

Lost Family Recipe Showdown

Josh, Daniel and Mike put their family recipes on the line to see whose multi-generational moonshine heritage will weather the test of time.

Episode 10

Italian Grappa

Two legal distillers compete with an outlaw moonshiner to determine who can turn the scraps from winemaking into the best jar of grappa, Italy's original moonshine!

Episode 11

Absinthe's Tricky Sister

Three highly skilled distillers battle to make Pastis, a high-octane liquor created in 1930s after its notorious sister spirit, Absinthe, was banned.

Episode 12

The Best Medicine

Three distillers compete to make moonshine that packs a medicinal punch! Mark, Digger and Tim judge whose jar ultimately tastes the best.

Episode 13

Shot Of Redemption

Mark, Digger and Tim team up with three underdog contestants for a fresh shot at redemption. Who will seize this second chance and make the best shine?

Episode 14

Hard Times Shine

Three notorious shiners take on the ultimate hard times challenge. They must use their backwoods ingenuity to make the best liquor with unconventional ingredients.

Episode 15

Sippin' Cream

Richard, Josh and Daniel compete to run high-proof spirits for sippin' cream. They must dig into their country roots as the source is an actual dairy cow!

Episode 16

American As Apple Pie

Rising shiners Richard, Howard and Mike compete to make their version of America's favourite flavoured shine: Apple pie moonshine.

Episode 17

Honey Means Money

Two outlaw shiners compete to make top-notch moonshine from raw honey, one of the trickiest and most expensive ingredients ever attempted by backwoods shiners.

Episode 18

Backwoods Hard Seltzer

Josh Owens guest judges as three distillers compete using backwoods methods and forced pressurisation to turn raw ingredients into cans of hard seltzer.

Episode 19

Caffeinated Shine

Three skilled distillers integrate coffee into their mash recipes to see who can run the most stimulating jar of shine and earn the title of Master Distiller.

Episode 20

Revenge Of The Still Hands

Three infamous still hands put their moonshining skills to the test as the judges conduct a blind tasting to decide who will emerge as the new number one.

Episode 21

Breakfast Booze

Three experienced distillers attempt to turn classic American breakfast foods, including doughnuts and blueberry pancakes, into eye-opening spirits.

Episode 22

Prehistoric Shine

Tickle joins the judging panel as three self-taught distillers compete to make whiskey from ancient forms of grains that go back thousands of years.

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