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Across the country, a handful of amateur distillers are heirs to a century’s old tradition. Some operate on the legal side; others practice their craft beyond the reach of the law. Now they’ll face off to earn their place in America’s liquor making legacy. Judged by three legendary moonshiners they’ll go head to head in a series of challenges to determine who has what it takes to be named master distiller.


Episode 2

Mountain Brandy

Legal and outlaw distillers compete to see who can best tackle a classic Appalachian tradition, Mountain Brandy. Judges are moonshine legends Mark, Digger and Tim.

Episode 3

American Whiskey

Heritage grains meet charred oak as three amateur distillers compete to make the best American whiskey, with a series of challenges to test who is Master Distiller.

Episode 4

Moonshine Of Mexico

Mark, Digger and Tim judge as top amateur distillers from both sides of the law compete to make mezcal, the moonshine of Mexico, using a range of ingredients.

Episode 5

Rum Conundrum

Legal and outlaw distillers compete to make the best rum. Constructing their stills and mashing in their own raw ingredients, who earn the title of Master Distiller?

Episode 6

Mark vs. Digger vs. Tim

Tickle hosts as Mark, Digger and Tim go head-to-head in a moonshine distilling competition judged by the public to determine who makes the best shine.

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