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4th June



Jun 4



Episode 5

Episode 5

America's top legal and outlaw moonshiners compete against each other to make authentic handcrafted spirits. The creations are judged by Mark, Digger and Tim.

Jun 11



Episode 6

Outlaw Grudge Match

Josh, Mike and Mark Rogers compete in the ultimate liquor-making rematch. Only one outlaw shiner will emerge with bragging rights and a backwoods trophy.

Episode 1

American As Applejack

Three skilled shiners compete using both freeze and heat distillation in a battle to make America's first liquor, applejack.

Episode 2

Nuts On The Line

Mark, Digger and Tim judge as a female distiller challenges an outlaw shiner and a pro distiller from Hawaii to make the best nut liquor.

Episode 3

Battle Of The Still Hands

Notorious still hands face off to determine which aspiring moonshiner makes the best corn liquor to win a thousand dollars' worth of sheet copper.

Episode 4

World War Of Whiskey

It's Bourbon vs Scotch vs Japanese whiskey. Mark, Digger and Tim judge as three specialized distillers compete in a global whiskey showdown.

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