About The Show

Uncovering some of the world’s most heinous and unexpected acts of spousal murders. What happens when a lovers’ tiff turns into a deadly, callous murder?


Episode 1

What Lies Beneath

Amanda Perrault's dream move to a lake house with her husband and his child turns into a nightmare. Can the Sheriff outwit a calculating killer and bring justice?

Episode 2

Stranger Comes to Town

When Mandy meets Paul online, he quickly moves to Kentucky so they can marry. But love soon turns to hate when his controlling behaviour turns murderous.

Episode 3

Killer Kin

Jessica Jaramillio escapes her abusive ex-husband Chad Graves, but soon, a series of terrible incidents ends in a killing that no one could have ever believed possible.

Episode 4

The Devil Of Denver

Stacy Malman and Robert Feldman are the perfect couple. But life soon becomes a living hell when a knock at the door forces the couple to face reality.

Episode 5

Officer Down

Police officer Andy Kimbrel hopes to find happiness with new wife Stephanie Keller. When the marriage starts to fail, Andy falls victim to manipulation and violence.

Episode 6

Control Freak to Killer

When Olivia meets Christopher, she thinks she found the perfect father figure for her kids. But before long, he shows his disturbing true colours.

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