Episode 1

Attention Bad Shoppers

Mark Rober and the team exact revenge on inconsiderate shoppers who over-indulge on free samples at a booby-trapped farmers' market stand.

Episode 2

Attack Of The Cell Foes

Mark and the team target rude phone zombies with pranks that exact payback on loud mobile phone talkers and inattentive text walkers.

Episode 3

Potty Fouls

Mark and the team target hygiene violators with a high-tech, remote-controlled wash station. Next, they give lazy dog walkers a taste of their stinky medicine.

Episode 4

Bike Thief Showdown

Mark tackles bike theft by challenging the team to a competition to see who can build the ultimate, un-stealable revenge bike and watch thieves fail.

Episode 5

Fast Food And The Furious

The team get revenge on inconsiderate patrons by pseudo-electrifying cars that park in electric vehicle spots. Then they deploy a fake drive-through menu.

Episode 6

Movie Monsters

Mark and the team target rude theatregoers who disrupt the film on their mobile phones. Then they target lazy patrons with their ruthless trash bot.

Episode 7

Office Creeps

Mark and team seek revenge on self-centred office workers by rigging the ultimate non-smoking area. Then they payback office workers for rude elevator etiquette.

Episode 8

Reckless Driver Revenge

Rober and team unleash a police robot targeting double parkers. Then they take their revenge to the next level by catching distracted drivers in the act.

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