About The Show

The daily highs and lows on board an adventure passenger ship. Crossing continents, from tropical waters to ice-filled seas, this is the journey of a lifetime.


Episode 1

The Beginning

Antarctica bound, the team must prepare the first expedition to Jacques Cousteau Island before attempting the first night-time commercial sub-dive in Huatulco, Mexico.

Episode 2

Night Dive

Before they can attempt the first ever commercial submersible night dive in Huatulco, Mexico, the team must navigate a category 4 hurricane.

Episode 3

The Ascent

Jason and guests go on an emotional hike in Guatemala. Jed leads a cacao mission in El Salvador, and Erwan confronts strong currents in Costa Rica.

Episode 4

Dishing Up Dreams

Intense weather changes the plan for the ship's expedition of Chile. Meanwhile, Chef Tom gives Chef Strawberry the opportunity of a lifetime.

Episode 5

The Narrows

The English Narrows provide navigational challenges. Plus, the crew carry out safety training for Antarctica before exploring the Chilean Fjords.

Episode 6

Breaking New Ground

Chef Tom challenges Chef Nik, as Captain Radomir strives to achieve a first for all on the Discovery yacht - setting foot on land at the treacherous Cape Horn.

Episode 7

Be Prepared

Captain Erwan must provide a "wind block." Meanwhile, the Drake Passage delivers a rare weather event and penguins prove to be a highlight for guests.

Episode 8

Deception Island

Guests set foot on land for the first time in Antarctica. But severe weather changes plans for Penguin Island and numerous expeditions.

Episode 9


Helena and John experience an amazing penguin expedition on Danco Island. Plus, Brendon uses 10,000-year-old glacier ice to make an Antarctica-themed cocktail.

Episode 10

New Beginnings

With the discovery yacht's journey coming to an end, the crew has thrilling surprises in store. They swim in icy waters and unveil a new vessel.

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