Episode 1

Mako Shark

Matt is on a mission to tag angry sharks from his blow-up raft, wrestles some beasts barehanded and takes on a ton of great white. Plus, how do you tackle...

Episode 2


Matt heads to the muddy waters of the Oklahoma River to face biting catfish barehanded. He explains their hunting methods before wrestling with a giant flathead.

Episode 3


Matt ventures across the South Pacific to catch and tag a massive marlin from a jet ski. But killer whales, fierce storms and broken equipment hamper his daring mission.

Episode 4

Tiger Shark

Matt heads to the Great Barrier Reef to tag a fearsome tiger shark. But to secure the satellite tags, he has to wrestle one and drill holes into its dorsal...

Episode 5

Dogtooth Tuna

Matt is on the hunt for elusive dogtooth tuna. They're difficult to catch because of their unique trick of diving straight down when hooked.

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