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17th June


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Mike and Elvis are going global! This time, the stakes are higher, the deadlines tighter and the motor transformations are more jaw-dropping than ever.


Jun 16



Episode 7

Hilux - Australia

Mike and Elvis hunt for Australia's favourite pick up, the Hilux. Despite years of farm use, the boys aim to create the ultimate off-roading beast.

Jun 17



Episode 8

Holden Surf Wagon - Australia

Mike and Elvis hit the beach for the ultimate surf wagon: the iconic Holden Sandman. Can they transform a drab panel van into a hit budget version?

Jun 24



Episode 9

McLaren P1

Mike and Elvis offer their expertise to a Youtuber on his ambitious McLaren P1 build. Can the boys help build the fastest McLaren in the world?

Episode 1

Ferrari 348 - Italy

In northern Italy, Mike and Elvis tackle the last truly analogue Ferrari, the 348. And this one is in dire need of a cambelt change.

Episode 2

Fiat 126 - Poland

In Poland, Mike and Elvis find a weathered Polski Fiat 126. After their restoration, they go on a snow-covered joyride alongside other loyal 126 fans.

Episode 3

BMW E30 Germany

In Germany, Mike and Elvis are captivated by an E30 M3, their most expensive purchase yet. Will their efforts make this M3 shine enough for buyers?

Episode 4

2CV Fourgonnette - France

In Southern France, Mike and Elvis find a charming 2CV Fourgonnette. It's got a modest engine, tired suspension and missing rear seats.

Episode 5

Ford XR8 - Australia

Mike and Elvis engage in the ultimate Aussie showdown: Ford versus Holden. Can their Ford XR8 outpace the Holden GTS at the Mount Panorama circuit?

Episode 6

VW Kombi - Australia

Mike and Elvis find a 1970s classic VW camper in need of some mechanical TLC. Can they turn it into a long-range camper fit for the Australian wilderness?

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