About The Show

Historian Justin Jampol unlocks the secrets of the past through recently-unearthed artefacts, using advanced scientific testing to reveal new details.


Episode 1

Nazi Dark Magic

A series of astrological wheels commissioned by Heinrich Himmler takes Justin to Germany to investigate the Nazi party's supernatural obsession.

Episode 2

Doomsday Showdown

A journey to decode a rare East German war medal leads Justin to Berlin, where he uncovers a sinister plot that nearly ignited World War III.

Episode 3

American Viking Queen

An ancient spindle whorl suggests that Norse women led the Viking expedition to North America. Justin uncovers the untold story of America's origins.

Episode 4

Civil War Spies

A mysterious invoice written by Harriet Tubman prompts Justin to investigate the impact a secret network of escaped slaves made on the Civil War.

Episode 5

The Lewis And Clark Conspiracy

Justin journeys to solve the mystery behind the death of famed 19th-century explorer Meriwether Lewis. It leads him into secret land wars.

Episode 6

Space Race Mysteries

A giant cross in the Arizona desert presents mysteries about America's role in the Space Race. Was there a covert mission to send weapons into space?

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