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The Roloffs are an extraordinary family comprised of both little and average-height people who share their everyday successes and struggles.


Episode 1

Happy Birthday Jackson

Zach and Tori juggle Jackson's first birthday party and buying a new house. Meanwhile, Matt presses Amy to make a decision about the family farm.

Episode 2

Welcome Home, Murphy!

As Zach and Tori prepare for their new puppy, their realtor gives them worrying news. After another disagreement with Amy over the farm, Matt has a proposal.

Episode 3

The Other Side Of The Farm

Amy makes a decision on the farm, leading to a tense talk with Matt. Amy enjoys a girls' night out at the beach and Matt has concerns about Lucy's health.

Episode 4

Two Houses, Two Mortgages

Matt is confused by Amy's decision and wonders if she will change her mind. In Newport, tension rises when Amy forgets to leave Chris a key to the house.

Episode 5

Home Sweet Home

Amy is busy preparing for a family trip back to Michigan, and Chris wants to come too which she is worried about. Plus, Zach and Tori rush to move out...

Episode 6

A New House Hang

Zach and Tori decide to throw a huge housewarming party, and everyone is coming! But, Amy and Caryn are both concerned about seeing each other there.

Episode 7

Is This The End?

With pumpkin season just around the corner, Matt is busy getting the farm ready. It's the first season in ten years without Caryn, but she stops by to say hello.

Episode 8

To Buy Out Or Not To Buy Out

Matt and Caryn learn to compromise as they start their new life together. Amy feels the pressure with the farm. Zach fears he may need back surgery.

Episode 9

God Doesn't Make Mistakes

Amy's dad is turning 90, so her, Chris and the kids enjoy an old-fashioned Michigan summer on the lake. Plus, baby Jackson meets his great-grandparents.

Episode 10

Whose Farm Is It Anyway?

Zach faces his greatest fear when he gets injections for his back. Big changes are on the horizon for the family as Amy makes a decision about the farm.

Episode 11

Amy's Next Chapter

Amy prepares to leave the farm, but Matt fears it will be a slow departure. Zach and Tori find out they are expecting, and Chris has a big surprise for...

Episode 12

If The Ring Fits...

Zach and Tori are shocked by news about their unborn daughter. Meanwhile, Jackson tries sleeping in his own bed for the first time and Amy gets frustrated.

Episode 13

Matt Roloff's Wall

Amy has big news on her house search but must grapple with the reality of moving. Matt and Amy disagree on whether good fences make for good neighbours.

Episode 14

A Proposal

Matt holds an auction to help clean up the farm. Amy is closer to becoming a homeowner and Chris plans to surprise her at their anniversary dinner with a big...

Episode 15

Engaged And Enraged

Amy and Chris are officially getting married, and they are over the moon! But, the nerves set in when it is time for Amy to tell Matt that she's engaged.

Episode 16

The Last Dance

It's pumpkin season at Roloff Farms, but Amy decides to take a step back. Whilst planning an exciting adult prom, Amy receives some devastating news.

Episode 17

Lilah's Big Debut

Zach and Tori make the final preparations for baby Lilah's arrival. Amy returns from Michigan and Tori goes into labour unexpectedly.

Episode 18

To Sell Or Not To Sell

Matt surprises Amy with an offer to buy the north side of the farm, but she struggles to meet his deadline. Meanwhile, Zach and Tori plan a low-key Christmas.

Episode 19

Boxing Up The Past

Matt is keen to get the farmhouse in order, leaving a stressed Amy packing up 30 years of memories. And, Zach watches Jackson and Lilah alone for the first time!

Episode 20

Lilah's Big Scare

Valentine's Day is coming, but problems get in the way of romance. When Lilah's cold turns into something serious, Tori's worst fears are realised.

Episode 21

The Roloff Quaranteam

Matt's frustration grows as Amy delays her move from the farmhouse, but COVID-19 stops everything. Zach and Jackson celebrate their birthdays in quarantine.

Episode 22

Who's Afraid Of Baby Lilah

Jackson meets baby Lilah and everyone is surprised by his reaction. Meanwhile, Tori struggles with her recovery from her C-section.

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