About The Show

The Roloffs are an extraordinary family comprised of both little and average-height people who share their everyday successes and struggles.


Episode 1

A Farm Divided

Matt and Zach fail to reach an agreement on a farm deal, causing Zach and Tori to relocate to Washington. Matt makes a big decision about what's next for the...

Episode 1

Sitting On A Knife's Edge

The family rallies around Zach as he suffers a major medical crisis. Matt forges ahead with his new house build in spite of the upset it's caused.

Episode 2

Get Your Girlfriends Straight

While shopping, Matt and Caryn realise they are on two different interior design pages. Zach and Tori take the kids bowling for a friendly competition.

Episode 3

We'll Do It My Way

Zach's parenting skills are tested when Tori goes away on a girls' trip. Amy struggles to get Matt, Caryn, and Chris on board with her charity event plans.

Episode 4

A Complete And Total Surprise

Zach and Tori attempt to deal with a challenging revelation from Jackson. Matt has a surprise for Caryn that will change their relationship forever.

Episode 5

Let's See The Ring

Amy and Chris have Matt and Caryn over for an awkward dinner to celebrate their engagement. Zach and Tori celebrate Josiah's first birthday with a cake smash.

Episode 6

This Will Be A Disaster

Zach and Tori worry about Lilah's sleep study. Amy is challenged with overseeing the event on the farm. Matt and Caryn attempt to avoid any drama with Amy.

Episode 7

So Old Matt Roloff's Gonna Die?

Matt's medical procedure leaves him and Caryn on edge as they think about their future. Amy and Chris make plans for the upcoming fundraiser.

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