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Around the world, there are startling reports of strange animal attacks against humans, new apex predators changing the natural order, and sightings of mysterious creatures. This compelling series follows two wilderness experts and childhood friends as they investigate, document and try to solve some of the most incredible mysteries of the natural world. Damian Duffy, a certified wilderness guide, and Matt Hoffman, a wildlife photographer and storm chaser are not afraid of dangerous situations. Together they journey deep into the wild, from Alaska to Papua New Guinea, to find the answers to some of the world’s most hair-raising wildlife mysteries.


Episode 1

South American Slasher

Brazilian ranchers are being attacked by an unknown creature. There's a wide range of suspects from jaguars to caimans, which animal is responsible?

Episode 2

Blood Beach

Endangered ridley sea turtles are turning up dead along the beach in Costa Rica during the monthly arribada. But could the predator be from the land or sea or both?

Episode 3

Blood In The Water

Crocodiles in Australia's Northern Territory are mysteriously showing up dead with no clear sign of trauma. What could be killing these incredible predators?

Episode 4

Fear In The Philippines

In the jungles of Luzon Province, locals believe a vampire-like evil spirit is picking off villagers. Could this be the work of a jungle predator?

Episode 5

The Shadow Killer

Kangaroos are mysteriously being mauled in Victoria, Australia. With no big cats in this part of the world, has a long-extinct predator returned?

Episode 6

Executioner Of The Andes

In Ecuador, a killer is loose in the wild as livestock are being mutilated and left uneaten. Could it be proof the mythical Andean Mountain Wolf exists?

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