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21st January


About The Show

Josh Gates is on a journey to the most iconic places on the planet. At each destination, he immerses himself in the legends that made them famous.


Jan 21



Episode 3

End Of The World

Josh Gates explores locations where the end of the world was just the beginning. They include an underground government bunker and a town that survived a tsunami.

Jan 28



Episode 4

Man Vs. Nature

Josh Gates ventures to five legendary locations where man has battled the forces of nature. Including the place of an abandoned American dream in the Amazon jungle.

Episode 1

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

Josh visits places where people's passions became lasting legacies, including a samurai showdown in 17th-century Japan and an author inspired by Boston.

Episode 2

Rock And A Hard Place

Josh explores stories of perseverance, such as a Salem witch trial case changing the US justice system and an old Mexican folk tale still celebrated today.

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