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31st October


About The Show

Josh Gates is on a journey to the most iconic places on the planet. At each destination, he immerses himself in the legends that made them famous.


Episode 1

Monuments, Mountains, Monsters

From a miraculous pyramid in Central America to ancient Greek myths, Josh shares the mysteries of the most awesome places on Earth.

Episode 2

Back From The Dead

Josh Gates explores places where legends never die in Romania, Japan and Germany. They include the castle that inspired the home of an iconic vampire.

Episode 3

Game Of Bones And Unknowns

Josh explores the beauty of the spiritual realm. He investigates a Japanese ice cave and a remote island where cats outnumber humans.

Episode 4

Lost And Found

Josh Gates explores a millionaire's disappearance in Malaysia, an ancient city's collapse in Cambodia and a celebration of death in Bolivia.

Episode 5

Last Resorts

Josh Gates explores legendary places of protection, from Pablo Escobar's secret Colombian hideaway to a floating kingdom on Peru's Lake Titicaca.

Episode 6

Portals To Punishment

Josh visits three sites where the journey is the destination in Bolivia, French Guiana and Turkey.

Episode 7

Crystal Skull Obsession

Josh investigates the mystery of the crystal skulls in Belize, Spain and Scotland.

Episode 8

Places Of Power

Josh explores three iconic monuments in New York, Istanbul and Honolulu.

Episode 9

Cults Of Personality

Josh explores locations where people connect with spirits in Vanuatu, Ethiopia and New Orleans.

Episode 10

Secrets In Stone

Josh explores three legendary locations where stone labyrinths hide something incredible.

Episode 11

If Walls Could Talk

Josh Gates explores other great walls in India, England and Taiwan.

Episode 12

Pi-Rat Paradise

Josh Gates explores places where unusual heroes rule the day in Madagascar, India and Mexico.

Episode 13

Angels Or Demons?

Josh examines places darkened by the past, from a mansion connected to a haunted heiress in California to a festival marking the death of a demoness in India.

Episode 14

Fire Of The Gods

Josh explores places where destruction and creation coexist, from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to a Spanish festival culminating in a citywide inferno.

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