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17th November



Nov 17


Episode 1

Alaska's Lost River Kings

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, travels to Alaska to discover what has happened to the king salmon - the power athletes of the salmon world.

Nov 17


Episode 2

Cold Water Mystery

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, is with a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, searching for giant halibut. Will they catch the sought-after 50-lb halibut?

Nov 17


Episode 3

Ice Age Predator

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, is on an epic journey to catch a prehistoric monster - the man-sized pike in the lakes of Ireland. Will he find it?

Nov 17


Episode 4

Italy's Lake Monster

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, travels to Lake Garda in northern Italy to investigate a 16th century monster fish. What secrets is the lake hiding?

Nov 24


Episode 5

Jurassic River Beast

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, travels to the island of Tasmania in search of a colossal freshwater beast on the verge of disappearing forever.

Nov 18


Episode 6

Toxic Invader

Fisherman and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, travels to western Australia to discover what is wiping out many of the fish in Australia's Fitzroy River. What will he find?

Nov 19


Episode 7

Return Of The Outback Beast

Jeremy heads to Australia to investigate an underwater attack. Could it be the work of a giant fresh water predator that many believed to be extinct?

Nov 20


Episode 8

South Africa's Legendary Beast

A recent sighting of a local and bizarre beast, a kaaiman, calls Jeremy to South Africa. He hopes to uncover the facts behind this ancient myth.