About The Show

Joe Martin brings new life to old iron at his shop Joe Martin Customs. Working with his wife Amanda, and best friend Shag, this custom shop oversees every phase of restoration from design, fabrication and mechanicals, to the final paint job.


Episode 1

Cherrybomb '56 Ford Truck

A 1956 Ford truck has been sitting in the barn for more than three decades. Joe and the team fix up this neglected vehicle with a hand-built custom frame.

Episode 2

'56 Ford Back To The Future

Joe uses all his tricks to make the '56 Ford truck look like it's been parked in a field for more than 50 years but drive like a modern muscle...

Episode 3

'77 Trans Am Bird In Black

The crew gets stuck into a legendary '77 Bandit Trans Am - and they're going big on style. Then, a '67 Chevelle returns for a supercharger engine.

Episode 4

Firebird Resurrection

Joe is deep into the rebuild of a '77 Bandit Trans Am, but the T-Top needs strengthening before this classic car can get roaring down the road again.

Episode 5

'70 Chevelle Need For Speed

The crew transforms an iconic '70 Chevelle into a drag car. They make it mean with a monster motor, big tyres, trick frame and a roll cage.

Episode 6

Chop Top Drag Chevelle

It's open-car surgery as Joe and the team work to realize his dream of a cold-blooded '70 Chevelle race car with a chopped roof.

Episode 7

'64 Galaxie Coyote Transplant

Joe stumbles across a rare dream machine: '64 Ford Galaxie in great shape with only 60,000 miles on it. He gives it a trick frame and a Coyote engine.

Episode 8

Resurrectin' A Rusty Unicorn

Joe is more determined than ever to honour a 1936 Hudson Terraplane owner's dying wishes to bring the car back from the dead.

Episode 9

'65 Falcon Ready For Take-Off

A former pro wrestler wants to restore a cult classic for his 50th birthday: a 1965 Ford Falcon. He puts his trust in Joe Martin and his top team.

Episode 10

Bare Bones To Showstopper

A customer returns to the shop with a prized possession, a Chevy 5-window truck. But it may have some unsalvageable damage from a previous restoration.

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