About The Show

Victims’ rights activist, John Walsh, is on a mission to help law enforcement find leads on unsolved crimes in the USA, and to put fugitives from the law behind bars.


Episode 1

Lying In Wait

John hunts for William Strand, who police believe killed his ex-girlfriend. Later, Cal pursues Leslie Lagrotta, a suspect accused of sexually assaulting women.

Episode 1

Justice Served

The team gives updates to cases that left families waiting for justice. Tips from viewers lead police to locate several fugitives hiding abroad.

Episode 2

No Escape

Families from California to Vermont receive the news they have been anxiously awaiting. Law enforcement reveal how they captured wanted fugitives.

Episode 2

Collateral Damage

John hunts Jonathan Dorado, wanted for killing a pregnant woman in an act of misplaced gang revenge. Cal pursues a suspect accused of conning a vulnerable woman.

Episode 3


John joins the search for Celina Mays, whose disappearance draws police attention to her family-run, allegedly "cult-like" church. Cal pursues alleged killer Efren Meza.

Episode 4

Stolen Innocence

When a man is senselessly gunned down at a party, police learn it may be a case of mistaken identity. John joins the hunt for the suspect.

Episode 5

Evil Deception

When a young girl goes missing after a night out in Vegas, police suspect her drinking companion and old friend Erick. John joins the hunt for this alleged killer.

Episode 6

Bloodshed And Blackmail

John helps police track down a man accused of carjacking a couple and murdering one of them. Later, Cal joins the hunt for an online predator.

Episode 7

A Broken Bond

When a young father is executed, police learn the shooter may have been his close childhood friend. John helps track down the alleged killer.

Episode 8

A Father's Betrayal

John joins the hunt for a man accused of murdering his girlfriend in an act of petty jealousy. Cal helps find an unemployed metalhead accused of sexual abuse.

Episode 9

Deadly Secrecy

John goes after Eduardo Clemente, the prime suspect in his girlfriend's murder. Cal hunts down Emigdio Ramirez Garcia, accused of murdering his wife in 1997.

Episode 10

Murder At The Mall

John is in pursuit of a couple accused of murdering a retiree and selling off his assets. Later, John and Cal hunt for the mysterious Boca Raton Mall murderer.

Episode 11


John hunts for Omar Cardenas, the prime suspect in the murder of a devoted father. Later, Cal tracks Justin Smith, accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend.

Episode 12

Last Ride

John tracks prison escapee Jose Bustos-Diaz, suspected in another killing. Cal pursues Benjamin Williams, accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in front of her children.

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