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Victims’ rights activist, John Walsh, is on a mission to help law enforcement find leads on unsolved crimes in the USA, and to put fugitives from the law behind bars.


Episode 1

Terror In Texas

In 1989, a young girl bravely came forward to reveal her adoptive father sexually abused her for years. Callahan joins the hunt to bring this monster to justice.

Episode 2

Twisted Mysteries

John hunts for Brian Ontiveros, who police believe killed his ex-girlfriend in a fit of jealousy. Later, Callahan investigates a woman's mysterious death.

Episode 3

Stolen Lives

Callahan joins the hunt for Bill Brockbrader, a child predator wanted for failing to register as a sex offender. John searches for a murder suspect, Carlos Torres.

Episode 4

Letters From A Predator

A woman's murder leads police to suspect her husband, who's been on the run since 2003. Plus, Callahan hunts for a murderer and arsonist in Georgia.

Episode 5

Hell On Wheels

Cal goes behind the scenes of a luxury car rental business, helping the police hunt down alleged killer Nalio Williams. John tries to track down Isaac Estrada.

Episode 6

Surfside Homicide

John joins the hunt for a woman who allegedly hired a hitman to murder her husband. Later, Cal pursues a man accused of killing the lawyer who was suing him.

Episode 7

Menace To Society

John aids investigators in pursuit of a fugitive accused of two senseless murders in a two-year span. Cal hunts for the alleged killer of an 85-year-old woman.

Episode 8

Stolen Futures

John joins the hunt for the alleged killer of a young woman in broad daylight. Later, Cal's in San Diego to help track down man who allegedly ensnared over 100...

Episode 9

Bad Blood

When a couple is murdered, police suspect a vengeful relative. John aids the hunt for this fugitive. Later, Cal helps police find a man accused of heinous sexual assaults.

Episode 10

Abuses Of Power

John chases a fugitive accused of abusing multiple minors and suspected of his wife's disappearance. And, a slew of women allege they were sexually assaulted.

Episode 11

Predator Next Door

John hunts Hugo Ramirez-Lopez, a fugitive suspected of murder and sexual assault. And, Cal pursues a man who has been on the run since 2010.

Episode 12

Tragically Taken

John hunts for a man accused of murdering his girlfriend and abducting their young son. Later, John and Cal seek a young woman who was abducted in 2017.

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