Episode 1

Murder For Sale

When top real estate agent Beverly Carter vanishes after meeting a new client, police must find out if anyone had a reason to harm her. What happened?

Episode 2

The DC Mansion Murders

In one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Washington, DC, police discover a gruesome murder scene amongst the charred ruins of a mansion.

Episode 3

Footsteps In The Snow

A young mother is found brutally murdered in her home in New York. Snowy footprints lead into the home but with no exit trail, how did the killer escape?

Episode 4

In Cold Blood

When police discover Betty Sue Short murdered in her home, they notice disturbing similarities with another recent killing in the community of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Episode 5

In The Name Of The Father

In 2013, beloved basketball coach Jimmy McClain is found brutally murdered. With no signs of forced entry, police fear that Jimmy knew the killer.

Episode 6

Dangerous Liaisons

When Cody MacPherson moves to New Jersey seeking work, he disappears after a night of partying with a new group of friends. It becomes a homicide investigation.

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